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Hong Kong will be stable

The Chinese government understands that Hong Kong should not become a "cut chunk."

Hong Kong will be stable

Complete failure - this can be described as a West-inspired mini-revolution in Hong Kong's Special Administrative Region (SAR) (the name Hong Kong is accepted in mainland China). The attempt to once again cause “righteous anger” of the world community by the actions of the police to disperse the “dissent” and “protesters” was unsuccessful. And this put into a stupor both the authors of the riots and the media controlled by them.
For almost three months, the crowd, consisting mainly of people who did not fully determine their position in society and in life, smashed the metropolis, trying to turn Hong Kong into an instrument of pressure on the Chinese government. Of course, those who are aggressively inclined are a minority, but it creates enormous socio-political, economic, and reputation problems for the city and its inhabitants. However, the radical protesters failed to realize their plan.
First of all, because the government made the right decision - to study how events will unfold. Instead of hard suppression of protests, an active observant position was chosen.

The central government of China is well aware that this is not the first or last attack aimed at undermining the country's territorial integrity and undermining the social situation. Therefore, the data that were collected during the riots are truly invaluable. In the future, they will be used to suppress the repetition of such actions in the bud.

Hong Kong has a minority - people with unclear destinies who do not associate themselves with mainland China. Therefore, a thorough analysis of the situation and measures of a certain nature by the government are necessary. For example, for many years now, schools in a special administrative district have the opportunity, instead of traditional English, to study the nationwide version of the Chinese language "putonghua" (in Hong Kong they speak the southern dialect "guangdonghua"). An understanding of the unity of the nation, the idea of abandoning outdated colonial thinking, of striving for planted values and worship of the West is instilled. The goals and mentality of those who participated in aggressive protests are the values inherent in the absolute minority of the population, because the aggression was not aimed at protecting and ensuring their own rights, but actually against China as such.

The moment Hong Kong returned to its homeland in 1997, after a century of being a British colony, and the adoption of the concept of "one country - two systems" was a moment of jubilation for most citizens. After all, the Hong Kong people remember the history and how the colonialists treated them, about prohibitive inscriptions in parks and restrictions on rights. Worship of the West in its worst manifestation has sunk into oblivion. Hong Kong society rallied, but thanks to informational and administrative attacks of the West, it revealed those who could not realize themselves in a new era. Those individuals who decided not to strive for a single community, but went to the cliff into the unknown. After all, these pro-Western protests are precisely a movement towards chaos. The positive side is that China decided not to leave the lost souls, not to abandon them and not to suppress, but to correct the situation gradually and with maximum benefit for society.

Negative, it would seem, events in Hong Kong are for the benefit of the Chinese community. The Chinese government and the Hong Kong administration have repeatedly called for adherence to the law, the principle of "one state, two systems", stop arbitrariness, stop blocking roads and socially significant objects, plunder shops and destroy property.
The seizure of administrative buildings and the blocking of police stations and the international airport gave a full understanding of the situation. Everything was aimed at destabilizing the situation in the region.

In the future, thanks to new technologies and solutions based on artificial intelligence and Big Data, the introduction of urban video surveillance systems, China will become even safer in terms of crime prevention than now. In the United States, surveillance cameras have been standing on every corner for decades, and no one takes it differently than security tools.

Meanwhile, on social networks, oversight of radical statements and communities will be strengthened. Moreover, it is already known that more than 90 percent of negative comments were sent from Western countries, and not left by residents of Hong Kong. Twitter and Facebook have long been not just social networks, but global information platforms, an instrument of great influence and the formation of public opinion. Blocking accounts where facts and opinions are submitted that are different from Western information is their favorite technique. The logical way to combat this behavior is to mirror measures. It is only possible to fight anti-Chinese propaganda abroad by creating a positive image and creating a strong and reliable information field. To this end, China is actively establishing relations with the media in different countries and is forming a single point of view on various issues.

The information war for China is an accomplished fact for two decades. And China continues to win in this process. First of all, not due to filtering, blocking and censorship, as foreign engaged media shout about it, but due to a competent social policy and the desire to form their own values.

The Chinese government understands that Hong Kong should not be a "cut-off slice" where you can experiment and keep Chinese citizens living in this complex small territory hostage to social unrest.
In the light of the upcoming 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, not a single political and information attack was successful. Riots in Hong Kong will also end soon. Trade frictions will turn into serious negative consequences for the United States and its adherents, because with expanding openness and reform, China has never abandoned the model of increasing domestic consumption, where 1.4 billion people play a paramount role, and the achieved innovative results guarantee independence from the outside world.

The Great Wall of China today is a landmark. China is open to the outside world, but its openness does not mean weakness and freedom for attacks in any field - both information and economic. The world is rapidly changing polarity, and not seeing it, trying to act according to old patterns, albeit using new technologies, is not just myopia, but frank blindness.

Source: Russian newspaper

03.09.2019 09:55:36
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