Gentlemen and the European Union -

Gentlemen and the European Union

The British Parliament voluntarily put the future of Brexit into the hands of European officials.

Gentlemen and the European Union

All this resembles a hackneyed record, where the needle constantly jumps back, playing endlessly the same long-listened melody. During the British debate about how to leave the European Union and whether to leave at all, the popular will expressed in 2016 was completely forgotten. It is worth recalling that the question asked by Her Majesty was: “Should the United Kingdom remain in the European Union or withdraw from it?” Most Albionians voted to quit. Moreover, the question asked was not about a deal with Brussels and the possibility of endless deferrals.

But the British "democracy" bizarrely distorted the meaning of the expression of will and not the people anymore, but the rival political groups saddled the topic of the referendum, turning its results into a farce. Instead of a firm “yes” regarding leaving Europe, more streamlined formulations began to sound with a variety of conditions and conventions that had already dismissed two British prime ministers and threatened a third court. All this political chaos in Albion seems to have so drained the patience of the leaders of the Old World that they dream of one thing: so that London finally decides what it wants and when. But the closer the expected date of the breakup with the European Union is October 31, the more Britain is drawn into "democratic procedures" that prevent its Prime Minister Boris Johnson from decisively leaving Europe or staying in the Union. Like a sober alcoholic, hurrying in the morning on his braided legs to the opening of the coveted store, London shakes from side to side and no one understands where the bitter fate will carry him further and whether he will reach the cherished goal in principle.
On Monday, Queen Elizabeth II approved the bill passed by both houses of parliament, which obliges the head of government to ask the European Union for a new respite on the Brexit, this time until January 31, 2020. Thus, the demand of the deputies further complicates the already difficult situation. The question of when Britain would leave the EU was in the hands of European leaders. Is it not absurd, but it was they, by decision of both chambers of the British Parliament, delegated the right to decide whether to expel Albion from a united Europe without an agreement on October 31, or once again postpone this step. And if postponed, then for how long - until the end of January 2020, or, say, for a year.

Johnson’s attempt to avoid the crisis so humiliating for those submitted by Her Majesty and to hold early parliamentary elections failed miserably. They would essentially become the second Brexit referendum, if the hands of the Conservative Party were untied if successful. But the House of Commons voted against the new vote, and not only the opposition, but also deputies who fled from the Conservative Party and were not satisfied with Johnson’s line, spoke out for the rejection of the election. “I don’t know a single case in the history of democracy when the opposition refused to hold new elections,” the prime minister was genuinely amazed at the decision.

But parliamentarians, as it turned out, are not more concerned about the metamorphoses of British democracy, but who will ultimately be more influential - the prime minister or lawmakers. And like rats from a sinking ship, those to whom Johnson with his version of Brexit are fleeing from the cabinet are like a bone in the throat. The initiative was opened by the Minister of Labor and Pensions, Amber Rudd, who held a much more powerful post in the government of Theresa May, and who appeared under Johnson in the "backyard" of the cabinet.
The offended woman accused the prime minister of not doing enough to conclude a deal with the European Union and spending too much effort preparing for the exit without an agreement with Brussels. Parliamentarians from the Conservative Party, who betrayed the head of government out of personal interests in a crisis situation, Rad called "good, loyal conservatives, broad-minded and dedicated to their work." And Johnson called the decision to exclude disloyal deputies from the party "an act of political vandalism."

However, with each new scene of the British political vaudeville that unfolds before us, where Shakespearean passions are more clearly visible, analysts are reviewing possible retaliatory moves that remain at the prime minister's disposal. And they come to the conclusion that in order to realize the will of the people outlined in the referendum, Johnson will need a miracle. For example, so that one of the EU countries, on the basis of or on the basis of a secret agreement with the head of the British government, refuses to give London a new respite on the “Brexit” at the EU summit, which will be held in mid-October. But such a scenario still seems unlikely.
So, the British Prime Minister has no choice but to come to terms with the fact that the question of when and on what conditions Albion will leave united Europe will continue to be decided not by the British people and not by the British government, but by European officials so hated by Johnson.

Source: Russian newspaper

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