Transportation of ferrous metals from AsstrA -

Transportation of ferrous metals from AsstrA

Transportation of ferrous metals from AsstrA

The volume of traffic of AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG in the metallurgical industry increased by 7%

For the first half of 2018, the specialists of the group of companies issued about 5 500 shipments of such cargoes with a total weight of 223 thousand tons. AsstrA subdivisions in Russia carried out 1,500 deliveries of goods of the metallurgical industry, the mass of which was 130 thousand tons.
The largest volume of ferrous metals transportation along the routes in which Russia is involved is accounted for by road transport - 51%. By sea, 39% of cargoes are delivered, by railways - 9%, groupage cargo accounts for 1% of total traffic. The largest number of export shipments from Russia fell to Germany (232), the Republic of Belarus (186) and Poland (74).
The most profitable were transportation to Germany - 32% of the export revenue of the Russian branches AsstrA, Kazakhstan - 22% and Italy - 12%. Imported goods of the metallurgical industry mainly from Italy (196 shipments), Germany (121) and Poland (64). The leaders in terms of revenue were the following import directions: Italy - 41%, Germany - 17% and Spain - 4%.
"The world steel market in 2017 showed a positive trend: production increased by 5.3% (to 1 691 million tons), and consumption by 3.6% (up to 1,657 million tons)," says the head of AsstrASteelLogistics Ekaterina Sukhanova. The largest share in the company's services portfolio in the segment of the metallurgical industry is taken by the transportation of rolled steel from Europe. It is used in the automotive industry, there are high demands on the quality of its transportation. Every year we pass an external audit, which confirms our competence in this field. One of the most popular services is the transshipment of imported steel in the seaport of St. Petersburg. This service includes the unloading of the vessel, storage in covered warehouses, loading and shipment to final consumers by road and rail. "
The AsstrA group of companies has been involved in the transportation of metal products for more than 25 years. The AsstrA Steel Logistics division provides a full range of logistics and transportation services necessary for the international transport of metal, including sheet products, rolled and round steel, pipes, fittings and metal cord.

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