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Trump argues that Americans need an ID to go shopping

US President Donald Trump was accused of not communicating with voters after he said that Americans need identification in order to shop.
At a rally in Tampa, Florida, he said: "You know, if you go out and want to buy food, you need a picture on the card, you need an identity card."
ID card is not required in US supermarkets, unless for buying alcohol or, in some cases, for purchases with a credit card.
The president-republican advocated stricter checking of voters.
"You go out and you want to buy something, you need an identity card, and you need your photo," he told the crowd at the rally "Make America Again Great" on Tuesday July 31 in the evening.
"In this country it is not necessary in many cases when you want to vote for the president when you want to vote for a senator when you want to vote for a governor or a congressman."
"It is not known when the president last went to a supermarket."
CNN journalist Jim Acosta wrote on Twitter: "Trump is out of touch ... you do not need an identity card to buy food."
Acosta was later criticized on the air by Tramp's supporters, who shouted "liar."
In 1992, President George W. Bush was ridiculed after he expressed surprise at the supermarket when he was scanned while visiting the grocery convention.
But the White House said that Mr. Bush was simply impressed that the machine could read damaged labels.
Hillary Clinton was laughed at because in 2014 she did not drive for almost two decades.
Barack Obama aroused contempt in 2007, when he tried to contact Iowa farmers, saying: "Has anyone recently visited Whole Foods and saw that they are selling" arugula? "

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