By rail with AsstrA -

By rail with AsstrA

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By rail with AsstrA

AsstrA continues active development in the segment of rail transportation

Turnover of rail transportation AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG for the first half of this year increased by 4% and amounted to more than 8.5 million euros. The number of orders increased by 23% compared to the same period in 2017
The main share in the total volume of transport of AsstrA group of railways is occupied by industrial goods, they account for 27% of all railway departures, metals occupy 10%, fashion and beauty products -6%, fertilizers and chemical products -5%.
The most popular destinations were domestic transportation (316 departures), China - Russia (272), Kazakhstan (260), China - Republic of Belarus (188), Kazakhstan - Uzbekistan (118).
In the structure of domestic transportation, the largest number of shipments fell on goods of the 2nd class, which include equipment, metals, building materials, timber products, grain, fertilizers and other categories of goods. Over the first half of 2018, over 500 carloads of such cargoes were carried out with a total weight of 145,000 tons.
By rail AsstrA exports cargo mainly to Central Asia. Leading positions in the commodity structure of exports occupied food products - 25%, metals - 24% and mineral raw materials - 22%. By the results of 6 months of 2018, more than 400 carloads were transported on the Russia-Central Asia route.
The bulk of import transactions are in China. Basically AsstrA imported to Russia equipment - 67% of total imports, timber - 9.6% and fashion segment - 4%. For the first half of 2018, about 600 containers were shipped from China to Russia.
As part of the strategy to strengthen its positions in the Asian direction, AsstrA continues to develop the services of accelerated container trains from / to China, including using the Trans-Siberian Railway (TSM). To date, these shipments account for 60% of the total number of all rail shipments of the company.
"Last year was for us a year of active development of partnership relations. AsstrA concluded a five-year memorandum with OTLK (joint-stock company "United Transport and Logistics Company") for the implementation of joint transport operations on the China-Europe-China route. We became a member of the Coordinating Council for Transsiberian Transportation (CCTT) and signed an agreement on payment of transit routes in Russia with the Center for Corporate Services (CFT), "says Andrei Sulla, Deputy Operations Director for Railway Transportation of the AsstrA-AssociatedTrafficAG group of companies. -The results of such a partnership are already visible. Due to the fact that we are expanding our relationships with large owners of railway assets, increasing our capacity and offering favorable conditions for transportation, over 200 new customers were attracted over the past year. Until the end of the year, we plan to increase the number of freight by rail by more than 15%. "

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By rail with AsstrA

AsstrA continues active development in the segment of rail transportation
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