Not only for adults -

Not only for adults

Soviet films will be able to remove age restrictions.

Not only for adults

The Russian government approved a bill designed to make masterpieces of cinema and literature more accessible for children and adolescents. A group of deputies took the initiative. They propose giving the government the right to establish criteria by which classical works can be exempted from age marking.
Today, it so happened that Sergei Yesenin, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Joseph Brodsky are virtually "harmful" equal to a pack of cigarettes. It’s just right to write warnings to the Ministry of Health. Recently, the history of a schoolgirl from Yekaterinburg circled the Internet, who went around three bookstores, but could not buy poetry collections of these poets.

None of the sellers dared to sell the 17-year-old girl wrapped in cellophane volumes with dangerous de jure verses.
According to the law, the sellers were absolutely right: to give Brodsky to the girl was almost the same as treating Marlboro, the penalty was the same. For the seller - from two to three thousand rubles. The store, where they sell children cigarettes or Yesenin 18+, runs the risk of paying up to fifty thousand rubles.

At the same time, the bookstore-violator, unlike the tobacco one, is still facing a suspension of activity.

When the law on the protection of children from information was just adopted, there was a lot of talk about the introduction of recommendatory norms, and labeling would be only a guideline. They say that parents understand what they give into the hands of the child.

But it turns out that sooner or later everything recommended becomes obligatory, and now in the cinemas they stopped letting children even take harmful films with their parents, and adult books began to be wrapped in films in stores so that the child wouldn’t accidentally open and read something inadmissible .

Yes, when adopting a law to protect children from harmful information, lawmakers wanted to protect youngsters from anything other than world classics. But the formal execution of the letter of the law led to the fact that the list of the forbidden turned out to be a lot of reasonable, kind, eternal.
“For example, a search on the Internet reveals that Leo Tolstoy’s“ Kreutzer Sonata ”is classified by different publishers as information products recommended for children over the age of twelve years (12+), over the age of sixteen years (16+), and even how informational products banned from distribution to children (18+), "say the developers of the bill.

There are two ways further. First: to deduce from the school curriculum works falling under the heading "18+" and even, possibly, "16+". This would be logical, since children still can neither buy these books nor take them in the library. Parents, by the way, also have no right to give the child a forbidden book in their hands, fines also apply to them.
Maybe you should think about drawing scary pictures on adult books, as well as on packs of cigarettes? To more reliably scare children away from reading. Absurd? But a few years ago, the very idea that Yesenin would be sold in film, and fines would be threatened for his sale to children’s hands, would have seemed absurd.

So far, it has not been heard of cases where parents who allowed their children to work 18+ would be punished, but, as lawyers explain, this is strictly possible under the law. If mom and dad showed a 14-year-old child at home, say, “Moscow does not believe in tears” (this movie is 16+), they are facing the same article as sellers of cigarettes and banned books. In addition, parents reading Yesenin’s children or showing film classics can also be attracted under article 5.35 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, “Failure by parents or other legal representatives of minors to keep and educate minors.” Fine from 100 to 500 rubles. Of course, this is so far in theory, but the law, like the Chekhov rifle, may someday shoot.

The second way: to soften legislation in order to evade formalism. A group of deputies who introduced a bill to the State Duma on improving mechanisms governing children's access to cultural property and cultural benefits chose this path. It is proposed to slightly adjust the rules. For example, the project removes from the law on the protection of children from dangerous information the use of works of literature and art by museums, exhibition halls, houses and palaces of culture, clubs, parks of culture and recreation, other cultural organizations that arrange performances, for example, public reading books. This means that you can ignore the markings and read to schoolchildren an adult classic book 18+ of the same Lev Nikolaevich.

At the same time, it is specifically stipulated that if during the presentation forbidden information appears, for example, obscene language, pornography, incitement to suicide, etc., then the entry of children there will be prohibited. So the organizers and the prosecutor's office should not look at the age markings, but directly at the contents of the book or play.

The bill also proposes that books included in exemplary school curricula cannot be banned for distribution to children. Moreover, as suggested by the document, books recommended by the school curriculum may be distributed without labeling.
The government supported the project, subject to finalization, taking into account these comments before consideration in the first reading. For example, the government found it unacceptable to remove mandatory age-marking from domestic films released before 1991. The old is not always good.

"The abolition of mandatory labeling of films that are allowed to be shown without rental certificates, as well as domestic films created before 1991, will create conditions for the uncontrolled distribution of such films and will not allow adequate protection of children from information that could harm their health and development (categories" 18+ ")", according to a prepared review.

In this case, the government will be able to prescribe the criteria by which works will be classified as having significant historical, artistic or other cultural value for society. Such films and books will be exempted from age restrictions.

There are a number of complaints about the project, so lawmakers will have serious work to do on the document. The initiative is included in the sample work program of the State Duma for October.

Source: Russian newspaper

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