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Instant noodles

Experts examined instant noodles

Instant noodles

Many are convinced that instant noodles are a harmful product that contains monosodium glutamate, preservatives, dyes, and other potentially unsafe ingredients in large quantities. But, despite this, instant noodles are bought, because it has two undoubted advantages: it is inexpensive and easy to cook. The Roskachestvo investigated the quality and safety of instant noodles. The results of this study will help to understand how well-founded consumer concerns are.

Immediately, we note that according to the results of this study, no brand can claim the Russian Quality Mark, because inconsistencies in one or another indicator were found in all the products examined.

Experts have identified inconsistencies with the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union (TR CU) 021/2011 "On Food Safety" in the noodles of the Skorovar trademark: it has exceeded the permissible level of ochratoxin A *. The rating of this trademark has been reset.

* Ochratoxin A is a mycotoxin from the group of ochratoxins produced by microscopic mold fungi of the genera Aspergillus and Penicillium. It poses a threat to human health and life due to its toxicity and potential carcinogenicity.

In addition, traces of ochratoxin A were found in the products of eight brands. Traces of mycotoxin zearalenone were recorded in the products of five brands. However, this cannot be considered a violation, because the content of the listed mycotoxins in the products of these brands is not exceeded.

According to experts, mycotoxins could get into instant noodles from raw materials due to insufficiently careful input control at the factory or unscrupulous suppliers of flour. Mycotoxins can also appear during transportation or storage of the finished product (when conditions arise for fungal infection).

Experts examined noodles for the presence of pesticides and a plant growth regulator. Traces of bifentrin (pesticide) in Big Lunch noodles and trace amounts of plant growth regulator in Big Lunch, Golden Harvest, Rollton, My Price noodles were found.

Trace pesticides and plant growth regulator could get into noodles only through the main raw material - flour.
The results of the study allowed us to confirm or refute consumer fears.

Among the most common consumer concerns are:

· Instant noodles contain a lot of salt and flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate).
· For the production of noodles using low-quality flour and stale vegetable oil.
· Manufacturers use soy in the production, but do not indicate it in the composition.
· In the manufacture of synthetic dyes are used, which are not indicated in the labeling.
· There is no meat in the noodles, which the manufacturers claim on the packaging.

What was confirmed

· There is really a lot of salt in instant noodles. In the production of 12 brands, the mass fraction of salt (in the finished product) does not meet the leading standard of Roskachestva *. But there is one that corresponds to: Anacom, Doshirak, Red Price, Lazzat, and Peter.
· Consumers' concerns regarding the quality of raw materials were partially confirmed. Manufacturers use premium flour, with traces of pesticides, plant growth regulator and mycotoxins found in noodles of some brands. This suggests that the production is not sufficiently thorough input control of raw materials. Or about improper storage during transportation or in the store (when conditions arise for fungal infection).
* When developing the leading Roskachestvo standard in terms of the mass fraction of salt (in the finished product), the experts relied on the recommended values of WHO: for adults - the use of not more than 5 g of salt per day (slightly less than a teaspoon), which is equivalent to 2 g of sodium. Based on these values, the requirements were established - not more than 0.5% of the mass fraction of salt in the finished product.
What was not confirmed
· Actually, sodium glutamate in noodles is not as much as is commonly believed. In our study, most of the monosodium glutamate was in the BigBon product (3.48 g / kg), the least - in the "Every Day" noodles (0.69 g / kg). And this is with a permissible 10 g / kg (TR TS 029/2019 "Safety requirements for food additives, flavorings and technological aids").
· Fears that producers use soy, but do not indicate it in their composition, have not been confirmed. All who added soy protein to the product indicated it in their composition.
· The fear that manufacturers use low-quality vegetable oil has not been fully confirmed. In the course of the study, it turned out that in some products the acid number of fat does not meet the requirements of the leading standard of Roskachestvo. However, at the same time, the indicators of the peroxide amount of fat in the products of all brands comply with the requirements of this standard. Therefore, we cannot say that manufacturers used low-quality oil. According to experts, the excess in this indicator can be caused by several reasons: manufacturers used stale oil for frying, violated the technological regime of production of products, temperature storage conditions did not meet the standards.
· No synthetic dyes were found in the noodles.
· Consumers ’concerns have not been confirmed that all manufacturers of instant noodles only declare the presence of meat in their product, but in fact there is none. In our study, seven producers stated that their product contains either chicken meat or minced chicken (in powder form). The presence of chicken and minced meat was confirmed in the products of six brands: these are Anacom noodles, Big Lunch, Vermicelli, Doshirak, Rollton, BigBon noodles. It was not declared in the composition of chicken only in noodles "First price".

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