Call for inquiry -

Call for inquiry

US diplomats prepared a statement for Zelensky in the case of Biden’s son.

Call for inquiry

Senior US diplomats called on the newly elected president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s family in exchange for a potentially high-profile visit to Washington and a meeting with President Donald Trump.
This follows from emails published late Thursday by congressmen from the House of Representatives after a 10-hour conversation with one of the American diplomats involved in this process. We are talking about Kurt Walker, who resigned from the post of former Special Envoy to Ukraine immediately after the Democrats initiated impeachment case of Donald Trump.

In a text message written by Volker to a person whose name was not disclosed, he talks about a phone call scheduled for July 25 between Trump and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. "I heard about this from the White House - if we assume that President Z will convince Trump that he is investigating /" will get to the bottom of what happened "in 2016, then we will determine the date of his visit to Washington," the special representative for Ukraine wrote.
It seems, experts say, Walker agreed with the proposal, which included an investigation into the activities of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma. Joe Biden's son, Hunter, was on her board of directors. At that time, his father, a potential rival to Trump in the 2020 presidential election, led the Obama administration’s diplomatic relations with Kiev as vice president of the US and insisted on the removal of the then Prosecutor General of Ukraine Shokin, who initiated a case regarding financial irregularities by the company .

“The phone call went well,” wrote Zelensky's adviser Andrei Yermak in an SMS message later that day after the conversation between the two presidents. Ermak offered Volker several dates when Trump and Zelensky could meet.

But all these plans began to crumble just when Zelensky’s assistant was too intrusively trying to set a date for Trump’s meeting before agreeing to publish a statement that Kiev intended to resume the investigation of the gas company. Trump eventually suspended military assistance to Ukraine, which depended on US military defenses and only recently thawed it.

The text message pages, the sources explained, convey a clear picture of how some American politicians tried to help Ukraine restore its relationship with Trump, linking this option with Kiev’s ability to investigate the case against the main Democratic rival, the head of the White House.
The Americans even prepared a statement for Zelensky, in which he undertakes to investigate against the company where Hunter Biden worked. The American diplomats worked on this text in August. It talks about Kiev’s commitment to an investigation into the Ukrainian gas company Burisma. We are talking about the permanent representative of the United States to the EU Gordon Sondland and the aforementioned Kurt Walker. In the course of the case was the personal lawyer of the US President Rudolf Giuliani, who met several times with people from Zelensky's entourage. The document also says that the Ukrainian authorities are committed to dealing with what Trump and his supporters consider to be interference in the 2016 elections in favor of Hillary Clinton. According to the publication, it is not clear whether Zelensky himself got acquainted with the draft statement and whether he was aware of the existence of such a document.

In Washington, they considered the purpose of the document to prevent Ukrainian politicians from making certain promises to the White House “behind closed doors” without completing the matter, but to make such statements publicly, in fact signing for compliance with such obligations. In other words, Kiev was actually made dependent on the whims of the current American administration in accordance with the "White House patterns."

Undoubtedly, the leak of such information is not a plus for Zelensky and especially his immediate circle, in which, apparently, the same purge will be arranged as the American president arranged for his assistants in the White House after the elections. It is known that the current Ukrainian president was enraged by the leak of the transcript of his conversation with Trump, from which it is clear that the "servant of the people" is ready to comply with the instructions of the senior "American comrade." It is unlikely that Zelensky will also like the way American diplomats tried to impose their will on his closest circle behind him.

Source: Russian newspaper

04.10.2019 09:51:50
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