Trump impeachment hearing -

Trump impeachment hearing

On Wednesday, Congress will begin hearings on the impeachment of Trump.

Trump impeachment hearing

On Wednesday morning, at a meeting of the House of Representatives of the Congress, hearings on the impeachment of Trump will begin. America and the rest of the world will be able to see and hear for the first time on television about the actions of President Donald Trump in relation to Ukraine and think whether they really were such “formidable crimes”.
Democrats will call their witnesses to Congress

On the first day, the speeches of two experienced diplomats should be key. This is William Taylor, a former infantry officer who is now acting US Chargé d'Affaires in Ukraine, and George Kent, Under Secretary of State's Assistant in Washington. They should tell a story about a president allegedly using foreign policy for personal and political gain before the 2020 election.
The constitution establishes a dramatic but vague barrier to impeachment, and so far there is no consensus that Trump’s actions underlying the investigation are on the threshold of “serious crimes and misconduct.” America has split in two on this issue.

"These hearings will discuss issues of great importance to the nation and the functioning of our government in accordance with the constitution," said Adam Schiff, a prominent member of the Democratic Party from California, chairman of the intelligence committee that led the investigation, in a note to lawmakers.
Schiff called the hearing a “solemn event” and advised colleagues “to approach these proceedings with seriousness and love for the country.”
Trump called impeachment "fraud"

“Fraud with complete impeachment,” wrote the head of the White House on Twitter, in turn, as he does it almost every day. Trump calls everything that happens "a witch hunt." Republicans say Democrats have been trying to get rid of this president since he first took office, starting with an investigation by former special adviser Robert Muller on supposedly Russian interference to help Trump in the 2016 election.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi initially did not want to initiate a formal investigation into impeachment. As Democrats took control of the chamber in January, Pelosi said impeachment would be "too controversial" for the country. Trump, she said, is simply "not worth it."
However, the situation changed when it became known about the letter from a CIA officer who reported on the details of Trump’s call to the President of Ukraine Zelensky. An anonymous informant was the first to warn officials about a phone call. "I received information from several officials of the US government that the president of the United States uses the powers of his office to attract interference from another country in the 2020 elections," the man wrote to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees in August. Democrats fought to ensure that the letter was issued to them as necessary. "I'm deeply concerned," the whistle-blower wrote.

Trump insisted that the call was "perfect." After that, Pelosi, having received approval from her centrist novice legislators, began an investigation. "The president has the opportunity to prove his innocence," she said on Tuesday.

On Friday, Marie Jovanovic, the former US ambassador to Ukraine, who Trump had recalled, should speak in Congress.
Republicans line up defense

Republicans led by Rep. Devin Nunes, a longtime ally of Trump from California, will argue that not one of these witnesses knows firsthand the actions of the president. They will say that they never exerted pressure on Ukraine, and money for military assistance to Kiev was ultimately allocated in September.
According to experts, the Republicans are struggling to form a united defense of Trump. They want to hear from Hunter Biden, who served on the board of directors of a gas company in Ukraine, while his father was vice president. And they are trying to call in Congress the mentioned anonymous informant, whose democrats vowed not to disclose

According to analysts, the lower house of representatives will vote on impeachment by Christmas, which means that hearings in the Senate, controlled by Republicans, will begin next year.

Source: Russian newspaper

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