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Hooliganism will become more expensive

Amendments to the Administrative Code increase fines significantly.

Hooliganism will become more expensive

An unpleasant surprise may be expected for some categories of citizens who are indifferent to “frivolous”, in their opinion, administrative violations. For example, the ban on walking in a public place a serious dog without a muzzle.
In the near future, a citizen can also be very expensive to have a desire to arrange a toilet where he is comfortable. It seems to be a shame to talk about it, but there is such a problem.

On Tuesday, the media announced a new edition of two chapters of the Code of Administrative Offenses. The government believes that certain norms of the Code of Administrative Offenses should be finalized. Or add it. Our legislation often does not keep pace with a rapidly changing life. Therefore, the Code of Administrative Offenses will be amended.
Judging by the new edition, for violations "encroaching on the rights and freedoms of citizens and the rule of law in public places", fines will increase significantly. Such changes were discussed at a meeting of the relevant subgroup responsible for the preparation of the new edition of the Code of Administrative Offenses at the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation.

It is planned to introduce fundamentally new compositions to the future edition of the Code of Administrative Offenses, which did not exist before.

It is these new compositions that concern the walking of dogs of dangerous breeds without a muzzle and a leash in public places.

Such "walks" will be considered an offense and will be punished by a fine of three to five thousand rubles for each "exit".

The "price tag" for those who like to make a toilet in the park shows the same figure. In legal language, such a violation would sound like this - "the sending of natural needs in a public place."

This administrative violation will begin to qualify as hooliganism. Petty, but still hooliganism.

But this is not all the innovations. Those who are working on changes to the Code of Administrative Offenses want to clarify the concept of “public space”. This is a really important point. After all, citizens are punished by the ruble for outrages in a public place. And where is this place?
Apparently, this term will mean any "spaces intended for public use." And these are squares and parks, streets, airports, stations, city transport and its stops. In residential quarters, this concept includes entrances of apartment buildings, their elevators, roofs of buildings, attics and basements.

In addition, among the new articles proposed to be introduced in the Code of Administrative Offenses is obstruction of advocacy.
This is an extremely important innovation. After all, the desire to prevent a defender from fulfilling his professional duty often arises among domestic officials.

A lawyer can easily be denied any information or not allowed to go somewhere. For this, the new Code of Administrative Offenses will have to pay a fine. These rates are for an ordinary citizen from two to five thousand. And the official - twice as much.

The paragraph on violation of the right of citizens to use the state language of Russia or the republics will also be new. The same fine - from two to five thousand rubles.

Source: Russian newspaper

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