Russia should not -

Russia should not

Sweden, Lithuania and Estonia wrote a slogan in defense of Ukraine.

Russia should not

A joint statement by Sweden, Lithuania and Estonia, as well as Ukraine, which joined its ranks with a demand for Russia to respect the territorial integrity of Nezalezhnaya, looks like a typical manifestation of Russophobic emotions of the three EU countries using the “Kiev card” in their own interests. Chairman of the Council of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy Alexei Pushkov called this statement an “avant-garde attack” made on the eve of the Norman Four summit, which will meet on December 9 in Paris.
Moscow could not pay attention to this marginal air shock by outsiders of European politics - Russia certainly owes nothing to this European troika if the purpose of the information provocation were not clearly visible.

From April to May of next year, NATO and US troops in Europe will hold large-scale Defender exercises, the purpose of which is to check the coordination of the combined forces in the attack of any hostile country. Moscow repeatedly, at all levels, made it clear that it was not going to attack the states included in the alliance. Such a demonstrative peacefulness irritates the NATO leadership, since it calls into question the feasibility of the upcoming costly and large-scale military maneuvers. Hence the desire of the Baltic states and Sweden to remind the allies in the military bloc as often as possible of the existence of a "Russian threat", without which the activities outlined within the framework of Deffender lose their meaning.
During the upcoming exercises, the 82nd US Airborne Division will land on enemy territory during five operations in three countries adjacent to Russia. According to Colonel Joe Scrocco, head of the public relations department of the American Army in Europe, landing is necessary to take, for example, an airfield that friendly forces can use. Unlike past exercises, this time during the US maneuvers, a significant part of its troops, including the National Guard, reserve and regular units, will be deployed. Numerous seaports and ground military facilities will be involved in their movement. In total, in the operations conducted within the framework of Defender, in addition to American troops, more than 17 thousand Allied soldiers from 18 countries will take part, who will work out military cooperation on the territory of 10 states. Against whom they will be "friends" is obvious, although formally the upcoming exercises, as Colonel Scrocco said, are directed against the "unknown enemy in unknown territory." “We don’t know who will be our next enemy, and we need to be prepared for anything,” an American analytical publication, Warrior Maven, specializing in defense issues, quotes a representative of the US armed forces.

However, Deffender exercises may not take place. At least, hypothetically, this probability persists. Turkey suddenly intervened in the big European game, dissatisfied with the indifference of the alliance to its problems. On Wednesday, Reuters, citing senior NATO members, reported that Ankara refused to support the bloc’s plan to protect the Baltic states and Poland from a military threat from Russia. The demarche of the Turkish side, which actually blocked the military planning of the alliance in the eastern direction, is connected with the "Kurdish issue". Turkish authorities are pushing for NATO to recognize the Kurdish self-defense forces as terrorist. The leadership of the alliance is not able to fulfill this requirement, since such a statement on the Kurds fundamentally contradicts Washington's strategic goals.
Another “impasse” threatening the bloc is caused by the disbelief of French President Emmanuel Macron in the effectiveness of NATO, as an organization capable of ensuring the security of Europe. The alliance’s “death of the brain”, which was earlier stated by the head of the Fifth Republic, the alliance’s leadership proposed, among other things, to discuss at the December, anniversary block summit with the participation of a group of experts. However, Macron, as the British Guardian writes, without waiting for expert suggestions, went even further, seeking to suspend further expansion of the entire European Union. The French leader does not trust too much to those pseudo-historical tantrums that periodically roll up the countries of Eastern Europe regarding the supposedly threatening their security of Russia.

Against this background, a joint statement by Sweden, Lithuania and Estonia with demands on Moscow looks like another attempt by these states to once again recall the "Russian threat" before the December NATO summit. Although it is no secret to anyone that in many countries of a united Europe they no longer believe in the existence of such a threat, seeing it as a manipulation for pumping money from "native Europe" in the interests of Eastern Europe.

According to the British Guardian, German Chancellor Angela Merkel regularly has problems with a number of EU countries due to the tendency of President Macron to "tell the truth" too often, including on European security issues. "Over and over, I have to glue the cups that you broke so that we can come together again for a tea party," the German chancellor allegedly reproached the French leader.

Source: Russian newspaper

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