Labeling for mineral water -

Labeling for mineral water

Mineral water is prepared labeling.

Labeling for mineral water

A voluntary experiment on the introduction of labeling for mineral water will be discussed today by authorities and business at a meeting of the State Commission to Combat Illicit Traffic in Industrial Products. This was announced by the deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
"In any case, the introduction of requirements for water labeling should be preceded by an appropriate voluntary experiment, the conduct of this experiment will be discussed at the next meeting of the State Commission to Combat Illicit Traffic in Industrial Products," he said. The meeting will be held today, December 18.
The issue of introducing labeling of drinking and mineral water has already been considered at the site of the State Commission on the initiative of the Ministry of Caucasus and Rospotrebnadzor and in connection with business appeals. In addition, this issue is currently being worked out by the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management, on the site of which a working group was just created to combat the illicit trafficking of packaged drinking and mineral water. In October 2019, it was proposed to amend the List of Goods, subject to mandatory labeling and to ensure the introduction of labeling of these products.The decision on whether to label drinking and mineral water or not will be made after it is duly once studied the volume of counterfeits on the market. "

The Federation Council advocates the creation of an integrated system of traceability and quality control of drinking water, which is sold today in Russian stores. "Rospotrebnadzor now controls only the sale of goods in stores, including drinking water, and we want to start from the well, if we are talking about mineral healing or table water, in what condition is it, in what condition is the area around it, is there a license to produce water, how water is transported and bottled, how it comes to the store, "said the First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management.
He prepared a report on improving the quality of drinking water sold, which he intends to present at today's meeting of the State Commission.

According to the senator, there is a working group, which includes members of the Federation Council and representatives of seven ministries and eight departments. An action plan has been outlined that is included in a special resolution of the Federation Council. “We proposed to the government about 18 items related to water quality. These are changes to technical regulations, comprehensive and random checks, the creation of a register of manufacturers, and the formation of a base of reference samples. Balancing the production and consumption of water - how much is produced, how much goes on the market Amendments are also proposed to the Criminal Code to toughen measures against manufacturers and sellers of counterfeit products, so that there are no temptations to produce and bring them to the mage azines. One of the points is the introduction of a mandatory certification system (introduction of marking), "it is being specified.
He also added that for the production of mineral and table medicinal water, special administrative regulations should be developed. "In order to name such water, there must be a special balneological conclusion. Now there is no document regulating this process. Now the conclusions are issued by institutions that are part of the Ministry of Health. By spontaneous principle, but there must be a clear regulation. Mineral water is taken from underground sources that are protected from anthropogenic environmental influences, and drinking water can be taken from a river, spring, from a key, a lake, a water supply system, this does not mean that the water is poor, but the consumer nat, where water is already on this basis to draw conclusions If therapeutic, what disease cures If tap clean, it is also necessary to specify "-.. says the senator.

He notes that Russia today has a huge reserve of mineral waters. And only 12 percent is used. "Instead, we drink water from the tap and also import from import. This is not the case." Every year, about 8 billion liters of water circulate on the market for more than 600 trade names.

Source: Russian newspaper

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