Russian missile with a nuclear engine fell into the sea -

Russian missile with a nuclear engine fell into the sea

Russian missile with a nuclear engine fell into the sea

The Russian missile with a nuclear engine fell into the Barents Sea as a result of unsuccessful tests. It has not yet been raised, although the search operation is being prepared, CNBC claims.

A Russian missile with a nuclear installation is in the Barents Sea after an unsuccessful test last year, Moscow is going to conduct an operation to search for it. This is reported CNBC with reference to sources familiar with the report of US intelligence.

The rocket tests were conducted in November. Now we are planning operations to find a missile, in which three vessels will participate, one of which is equipped with equipment for working with radioactive materials. According to the sources of the channel, the exact time frame for the mission is not established.

President Vladimir Putin presented a new missile with a nuclear power plant in March, saying that it has unlimited range. As previously reported CNBC referring to sources, Russia experienced four similar missiles in November and February, each of the tests was unsuccessful. According to the US, one of the missiles managed to fly over 35 km in 2 minutes before the control over it was lost. The shortest flight lasted four seconds.

At the same time, according to the TV channel, the nuclear installation did not work on the fallen missiles.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, commenting on CNBC's first report on unsuccessful tests of missiles, advised to listen to Vladimir Putin and believe him.

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