Coronavirus threatens with the same consequences as the Spaniard in 1918 -

Coronavirus threatens with the same consequences as the Spaniard in 1918

"Spaniard" claimed the lives of 50 million people on the planet.

Coronavirus threatens with the same consequences as the Spaniard in 1918

Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which takes on the scale of a global threat if its spread is not stopped, can have the same consequences for civilization as the infamous Spanish woman who claimed the lives of 50 million people on the planet in 1918. With such a shocking prognosis, based on the menacing rate of spread of the disease, one of the leading British virologists came forward.
"Most seasonal flu viruses have a mortality rate of less than one per 1000 people. Here we are talking about a virus whose severity scale we still do not represent. But it is quite possible that the mortality rate can reach two percent," said a professor at Oxford University. two percent is comparable to the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918, so the current outbreak should be seen as a serious problem worldwide. "
For his part, a professor from King's College London said at a briefing that according to the calculations of his team of scientists, up to 10 thousand people in Wuhan, China, could become infected with the virus in the coming days. It was in this city that the outbreak of the disease began. Within a few days, the number of cases of coronavirus infection in Wuhan increased by almost 10 times, and on January 17, only 48 cases were confirmed. Since then, at least 20 health workers have been infected, including one leading Chinese doctor who investigated the outbreak.

On January 22, the World Health Organization (WHO) provided an update stating that experts need to learn more about an outbreak before declaring an international emergency. This decision was made following an emergency meeting on Wednesday at the organization’s headquarters. WHO officials decided to continue the meeting on Thursday, after receiving information from the organization’s experts who had previously arrived in Wuhan at the invitation of the Chinese authorities, along with doctors from several Asian countries.

The head of WHO explained that he sees no reason for panic. According to him, China’s very decisive measure to effectively quarantine Wuhan will help curb the outbreak in this country and minimize the likelihood of its spread. In addition, European health authorities consider the threat of the spread of the virus "moderate."
However, China's National Health Commission urged tourists not to visit Wuhan. Entrance to the city is closed on Thursday.

Experts warn that a person "has no immunity" to this virus that has never been seen before. “New viruses can spread among the population much faster than viruses that circulate constantly because we don’t have immunity to them,” the professor said.

Of particular concern to physicians is the fact that coronavirus is not susceptible to antibiotics, and it is precisely for this reason that the number of sick and dead is growing exponentially. As of Wednesday evening, officially 532 people were hospitalized with the disease. In turn, the government of Hubei, where Wuhan is located, confirmed that the death toll on Wednesday almost doubled - from nine to 17 people.

Recall that the outbreak of the disease began in this central Chinese city with a population of 11 million people, which is the most important transport artery.

The first patients either worked or bought food at the local seafood market. At the same time, in this market, as some sources noted, they also illegally sell wild animals, such as snakes and, in particular, the delicacy considered in China - bats, which, according to the preliminary version of doctors, could become carriers of the disease.
Representatives from the Chinese Ministry of Health said January 21 that 2019-nCoV could be transmitted person-to-person. This is evidenced by the fact that after contact with the sick, doctors from local clinics became infected, despite the fact that they observed safety precautions and put on medical masks.

Meanwhile, Western media are publishing shocking footage from Wuhan, which are more reminiscent of scenes from disaster films. The pictures show how doctors in blue coats and masks are immersed in a rather narrow plastic flask of those infected with the virus, obviously, thus trying to isolate the patients. First they had a runny nose and fever, and then chills, shortness of breath or fever. In severe cases, the virus can cause pneumonia and can be fatal in a matter of days.

Dozens of countries are currently checking in on arriving Chinese air passengers for the virus, which officials say is constantly mutating. Authorities in many countries have ordered increased monitoring of passengers traveling from central China and are taking other steps to try to control the outbreak of this highly dangerous disease. For passengers arriving from China, special inspection zones are created where they, first of all, measure the temperature.
Meanwhile, WHO has given advice on how to deal with coronavirus. Relevant recommendations in the form of a memo were released on Wednesday on Twitter organization. WHO experts advise that before eating and after visiting public places, wash your hands thoroughly with soap or cleansers (lotions) containing alcohol. Experts also strongly advise avoiding close contact with anyone who has symptoms of acute respiratory illness (ARVI) or flu.

In addition, it is recommended that you cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief or with a bent elbow when coughing or sneezing. WHO also strongly recommends the thermal processing of meat products and eggs before eating them. Finally, experts recommend avoiding unprotected contact with livestock and wild animals. Sick people need to drink plenty of fluids and rest while they recover.

The outbreak coincided with the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration this weekend, when millions of people travel home and abroad for holidays and family reunions. Experts predict that the number of cases will increase in the coming weeks as additional information about the virus and the extent of its spread.

Source: Russian newspaper

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