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New word about the world

Trump's proposed "deal" between the Israelis and Palestinians already seems impossible.

New word about the world

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced the parameters of the long-awaited "deal of the century" - an agreement between Palestinians and Israelis, which aims to establish long-term peace in the Middle East and create an independent, unlimited international Palestinian state.
The deal, according to the White House, should replace the peace process that promoted the Middle East Quartet of mediators. In addition to the United States, it included Russia, the European Union and the UN. But the American leader considered that he would be able to independently, without anyone's help, agree with the conflicting parties for seven decades, giving them generous promises. And thus, by the new presidential elections in the US, scheduled for autumn, such foreign policy success will be gained that the opposition will not be able to challenge and recognize the world. True, attempts to reconcile the Palestinians and Israelis without extra eyes and ears were made at different times by Washington before. However, all of them sooner or later ended up with a grandiose fiasco, “froze” at various conferences and were distorted by numerous amendments, which made the American venture ultimately legally insignificant.

However, this time for Trump it was much more important to appear, and not to be the main Middle East peacekeeper. Hence the solemnity of the moment, the pathos name "deal of the century" and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who listens to Trump at the White House, whose American president secured the agreement in advance with the Palestinians. But even with the first, superficial examination of Trump's initiatives, “throwing bonnets into the air” is clearly not worth it. It is not worth unconditionally believing the US president who claimed: "My vision is a win-win opportunity for both sides, a realistic coexistence of the two states."
I must say that the leaks, and very detailed ones, of what is contained in the Trump plan appeared in an Israeli newspaper more than a week ago. And this was hardly an accident - obviously, the White House wanted to secretly evaluate the reaction of the world community and, above all, the Arab world, to the peace initiative. The reaction, frankly, was restrained and certainly not enthusiastic.

Now about what the President of the United States voiced in the White House. Firstly, it is proposed to make the capital of the Jewish state indivisible, which was always categorically insisted on in Tel Aviv and with which they never agreed in Palestine. "According to the plan, Jerusalem will remain an indivisible capital, it is very important," Trump emphasized. However, he also stated that his plan "provides for the establishment of a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem." This is supposedly about the suburban part of Jerusalem, where Arab settlements are located today. The newspaper called this territory the lands behind the dividing fence. This part of Jerusalem was previously offered to the Palestinians as a capital, but they never agreed to this. It is not clear why Trump decided that he would get consent from the leadership of the autonomy this time. Yes, and the Arab countries to persuade such a truncated version of the Palestinian capital will be extremely difficult.

The next part of the “deal” is to freeze the construction of Israeli settlements in the new Palestinian territories for four years. During this period, the parties will negotiate a comprehensive agreement. But many pitfalls have been preserved here, due to the fact that the existing Israeli settlements will remain on lands that the Palestinians consider their own. Moreover, in the already established settlements, Israel will receive the right to continue construction.
There is no answer to another, probably the most difficult question - how to make the territory of the new Palestinian state unified, not torn apart and have continuous borders. Under the current conditions, it is impossible to achieve this without exchanging territories between Israel and Palestine. But as always, when it comes to lands, such an exchange can drag on and cause new conflicts. Although the Trump plan emphasizes that a peace agreement with Tel Aviv promises to actually double the size of the Palestinian state. America is ready to open its embassy in the new capital of Palestine and provide the Palestinian state with about $ 50 billion of investment in the development of the territory. True, Trump is not going to give this money at all from the US budget. He intends to collect them at donor conferences, primarily from the proceeds of the monarchies of the Persian Gulf and Europe. And the United States will only contribute its rather modest share to the common piggy bank.
The new Palestinian state will be deprived of control of airspace, the right to exercise border control and enter into military alliances. That is, at least for the foreseeable future, his powers will have a very, very truncated appearance.

In exchange for such a “grace,” the Palestinian side must stop supporting the Hamas terrorist movement and financing the families of dead suicide bombers.

The Israeli prime minister has already stated that he’s “ready to negotiate with the Palestinians on the basis of Trump’s peace plan without any further clarifications and amendments. In the Gaza Strip, which controls Hamas, they considered the new“ deal ”with Israel worthless and promised to continue the fight. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov invited the Quartet participants to assess Washington’s initiatives, and only the Palestinian Authority leadership paused on Tuesday evening.

"Israel is taking a giant step towards peace," the American president said in a presentation of his plan at the White House. However, as often happened before, such assessments did not lead to peace, since they did not take into account the views of the Palestinians or the views of the "Arab street".

Source: Russian newspaper

29.01.2020 09:12:10
(Automatic translation)

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