Transport company Intertransavto (ITA) replenished car fleet -

Transport company Intertransavto (ITA) replenished car fleet

Transport company Intertransavto (ITA) replenished car fleet

ITA acquired 10 MAN trains

Intertransavto bought trucks MAN TGX 18.500 4x2 BLS. The technology was acquired by raising resources from the sale of corporate bonds.
Machines are equipped with an engine of ecological class "Euro-6" with a capacity of 500 hp. The volume of the fuel tank is 1420 liters, which allows us to rationalize the costs of the company. The car can travel long distances without stopping for refueling, pre-filling the tank with fuel in a region with a lower fuel price.
Shipment of new cars took place at the end of July on the basis of the company in the Republic of Belarus. The vehicles passed the clearance procedure, they received all the permits and the necessary equipment and went on their first shipment to the EU countries for the delivery of consolidated cargo to Russia.
New road trains will be used for prefabricated, complete and oversized transportation. Intertransavto delivers all categories of goods, except perishables. The minimum load weight for one customer is 10 kg.
"Our company's strategy is active development and leadership in the segment of consolidated cargo transportation by road. For the first half of 2018, the volume of shipments grew by more than 27% compared to the same period in 2017. All deliveries are made by our own vehicles, and the increase in our company's performance has led to the need to purchase additional vehicles and expand the staff, "says Andrey Smolyar, the fleet's chairman of the board of directors of the transport company Intertransavto (ITA)." In March of this year, we purchased 30 new road trains, in May and August we received two more lots of 10 cars, the next arrival is expected in September. This will allow us to solve the logistics tasks of customers and partners at a higher level. By the end of the year, we expect an increase in the number of road transport by 15% to the level of 2017 ".

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Transport company Intertransavto (ITA)

It was founded in 2000 in the Republic of Belarus

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