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Tightened the rubber

Road builders offer to return the Spikes sign to cars.

Tightened the rubber

The use of studded tires is proposed to be limited in time, for off-season use - to be fined, and in automatic mode, and to make it easier for cameras to look for violators, it is proposed to return the "Spikes" sign to cars, which was excluded from the rules last year on the initiative of the traffic police .
All these proposals were voiced in the State Duma at the "round table", which took place the day before. The initiator was the state company Avtodor and the State Duma Committee on Transport and Construction. Road builders have been complaining about studded tires for a long time. In their opinion, it was she who was to blame for the formation of rut on the roads. As an argument, the fact is given that, first of all, it appears in the left lane, where cars drive.
Every year, the Russian authorities spend from 60 billion to 220 billion rubles to restore coverage. According to the Russian University of Transport, 53 billion rubles is spent on repairing the rut, which occurs most often due to spikes. At the same time, 25 million motorists use studded tires.

Speakers proposed measures one other steeper: to limit not only the time of use of studded tires, but also the speed of movement on them. Empower regions to set the period for using studs.
In particular, it was proposed to conduct an experiment in Moscow, where it was completely forbidden to use studded tires.

The idea of introducing a fine for using tires off-season does not sound the first time. The technical regulation of the Customs Union prohibits the use of winter tires in summer and summer winters. However, these rules are not included in the Rules of the road or in the basic provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation. And therefore, no fines have been established for this. The thing is that in our wide country with a huge number of climatic zones it is very difficult to establish unambiguous requirements for the use of winter tires in one or another time period.
You can, of course, give this to the regional authorities. But people here are moving from one region to another and vice versa. If a driver is traveling from Nizhny Tagil to Sochi, should he carry an additional set of tires with him to change along the road, depending on which region he is driving through?
However, the traffic police support the proposal to impose a fine for the use of tires out of season. After all, very often trucks and buses move in summer on summer tires, which creates road problems for other drivers, and often emergency situations.

As for the fact that rut appears only due to the use of spikes - a debatable question. To confirm this, it is necessary to calculate the load on the roadway in each row in accordance with the traffic intensity. It is clear that mainly cars move in the left lane. But there are much more rides there than trucks in the right lanes, and they pass at higher speeds. So rutting is more likely to form precisely because of the load on the roadway. Yes, the spikes also damage the canvas. But this is primarily the safety of drivers. After all, they not only travel around Moscow, but also leave the city, and there without spikes in any way.

Source: Russian newspaper

06.02.2020 07:35:19
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