Coronavirus in Wuhan -

Coronavirus in Wuhan

"We would rather die at home than quarantine."

Coronavirus in Wuhan

Wenjun Wang is a resident of Wuhan, a Chinese city at the epicenter of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak.

Ms. Wang, a 33-year-old housewife, and her family have remained in the city since he was sealed on January 23. Since then, the virus has infected more than 20,000 people worldwide, resulting in at least 427 deaths.

In an interview from Wuhan, Ms. Wang talked about her family's heartbreaking struggle for survival.

After an outbreak of coronavirus, my uncle passed away, my father was seriously ill, and my mother and aunt had some symptoms. Computed tomography shows that their lungs are infected. My brother also coughs and has difficulty breathing.

My father has a high fever. Yesterday, he had a temperature of 39.3, he constantly coughs and has difficulty breathing. We bought him an oxygen apparatus for the home, and he uses it twenty-four hours a day. Now he is taking both Chinese and Western medicines. But we do not have a hospital to which he could go, because his case has not been confirmed due to the lack of test kits.

My mom and aunt go to the hospital every day hoping to get a bed for my father, despite their own health status. But no hospital accepts them. Nobody helps us.

There are many quarantine points in Wuhan to accommodate patients who have minor symptoms or are still in the incubation period. But for people who are in critical condition, like my father, there are no beds.

My uncle really died in one of the quarantine centers, because there are no doctors for people with severe symptoms. I really hope that my father will be able to receive proper treatment, but at the moment no one is in contact with us and does not help us.

I contacted community workers several times, but I got the answer: "You have no chance of getting a bed in the hospital." At first we thought that the quarantine point where my dad and uncle went was a hospital, but it turned out to be a hotel.

There was no nurse, no doctor, no heater. They went there in the afternoon, and the staff served them a cold dinner that evening. My uncle was then very ill, with severe respiratory symptoms and began to lose consciousness.

No doctor came to treat him. He and dad lived in different rooms, and when dad came to him at 06:30 in the morning, he had already died.

“We'd rather die at home than quarantine.”

New hospitals are being built for people who are already in other hospitals at the moment. They are going to be transferred to new ones. But for people like us, we can't even get a bed now, not to mention getting it in new hospitals. If we follow the instructions of the government, then the only place we can go now is quarantine points. But if we go to these points, then what happened to my uncle will happen to dad. So we better die at home.

Around there are many families like us, and all of them face the same difficulties.

The quarantine officers even refused my friend’s father because he had a high fever. Resources are limited, but the number of infected people is huge. We are afraid, and we do not know what will happen next.

I want to say that if I knew that they were going to close the city on January 23, I would definitely take out my whole family, because there is no help here.

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