Almost everyone at home -

Almost everyone at home

More than 1,700 Russians are returning to Russia from China.

Almost everyone at home

Until February 29, more than 1,700 Russians should fly from China to Russia, the Ministry of Transport said. "A total of 1,765 passengers - citizens of the Russian Federation who have tickets with a departure date from February 6 to 29, are expecting departure to Russia," the statement said. According to the ministry, 1,165 people are passengers of S7 airline, which have tickets for charter flights, which completely closed flights to China.
These passengers will be transferred to alternative flights or money will be returned to them, the Ministry of Transport noted. At the same time, 75 S7 passengers have already reissued a ticket for alternative flights of the same airline from other countries with a departure date from February 6 to 29. A ticket for Aeroflot flights will be reissued for 85 airline passengers, another 146 passengers wished to return the tickets. Also, work is underway to exchange or return tickets with 86 passengers of Ural Airlines, the ministry said.
“Of the 11 Russian airlines that operated flights to China, Aeroflot and Ural Airlines continue to operate flights,” the ministry noted. At the same time, Ural Airlines plans to complete its flight program on the Chinese route on February 7. Earlier flights were canceled by Aurora Airlines “and Yakutia. Of the Russian airlines, only Aeroflot operates scheduled flights.

At the end of January, Russia stopped selling tours to China, closed 16 border crossing points. Most Russian airlines have stopped performing regular flights. Passenger rail service was also stopped.

Nearly 30 thousand people have already become infected with a new virus, which was assigned the time code 2019-nCoV. It is possible that in the coming days the coronavirus will get its own name, which has nothing to do with the country of origin.

In Russia, as the head of Rospotrebnadzor said, there are no new cases of coronavirus infection. No virus was found in any of the citizens evacuated from the danger zone in China. But at the epicenter of the epidemic, and indeed other Chinese provinces are still alarming.

The virus is blocked all over the world. And as decided to name him, it will become clear in the very near future. Now a group of scientists comes up with a name for the new virus.
This is done by the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) - this organization is responsible for the classification of all known viruses according to a specially developed universal system. Now there are about 5 thousand of them in the database.

To distinguish the current virus, it was decided to temporarily call it simply the “new” coronavirus. In fact, the time code proposed by WHO was compiled: 2019-nCoV - year of detection, n - new, CoV - coronavirus.
What will be the official name - you can only guess. But it is clear that in contrast to the flu strain called "Spanish", the Chinese will not be called a new virus. The "Spanish" epidemic that erupted immediately after the First World War, claimed, according to various sources, from 50 to 100 million. But now the times are different. Scientists do not forget about tolerance and ethics. "When there is no official name, there is a danger that people will use language like the" Chinese virus ", and this can lead to discrimination and attacks on residents of certain countries," the experts explained.

How important it is not to be mistaken with the name, it will become clear if you look into the near past. When in 2009 the strain H1N1 was named "swine flu", in some countries the livestock of pigs was completely unjustified. Although the flu was transmitted from person to person, not from pigs. The situation was similar with bird flu, which also originated in China.

And in 2015, WHO criticized the name of another coronavirus - MERS, or, in translation, "Middle East Respiratory Syndrome". WHO then made a statement that such ill-conceived actions led to attacks on certain ethnic communities and countries. And as a result - the emergence of unjustified obstacles to tourist trips, business, trade and economic losses. By the way, in recent days, even declaring the spread of coronavirus a threatening pandemic, WHO nevertheless urged not to interrupt economic relations with China.
So far, the impact of coronavirus on the Russian and global economies is not very significant, says German Gref, head of Sberbank. "If we talk about the current impact, then the impact is not very significant, but everything will depend on how long the situation lasts, because, unfortunately, China is a factory of either final products or components for the whole world," he said.

According to the WHO’s Moscow office, there are recommendations that experts must follow to come up with a name for the new virus. It should not contain geographical names, including the names of countries, names of people, names of animals or types of food; nationalities and even certain types of activities should not be mentioned. WHO recommendations suggest that the name be short and descriptive. A hint is also given: for example, a new virus can be named SARS - "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome". Well, we'll find out soon.

Source: Russian newspaper

07.02.2020 06:55:32
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