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"Daxer" sums up the work of LTL-service from Germany to Russia

"Daxer" sums up the work of LTL-service from Germany to Russia

The company consolidates cargo in its warehouse in Germany and sends it to Russia every Friday

In April 2018, the international logistics operator Dakser launched a new service of modular cargo transportation from Europe. The company consolidates cargo in its warehouse in Germany and sends it to Russia every Friday
During the first months of the service, the company's specialists processed more than 80 orders for the transportation of consolidated cargo from Germany, issued about 70 customs declarations. The total weight of all transported goods exceeded 200 tons.
The most demanded were the transportation of industrial equipment - 80% of the total volume of transportation, the remaining 20% ​​- shipments of sanitary ware, furniture, parts of equipment and other goods.
As part of the LTL delivery service, the company offers transportation, customs clearance, insurance, storage, tracking, and repacking and packing services. To carry out the delivery we use tilts and refrigerators with the carrying capacity from 3 to 20 tons. The service is designed to carry all categories of goods, except perishable and oversized. LTL-service is available only for legal entities. The minimum load weight for one customer is 10 kg.
"The introduction of this service is justified by the requests of our customers. In a year we plan to double the number of flights, - says the head of the group of the international forwarding department of the company "Daxer" Artem Viktorovich. - All goods are taken from the manufacturer by the DAKSER subdivision of the country in which the sender is located. We have 353 offices in 25 countries of Europe and own cars of different tonnage. This allows us to offer our customers more competitive rates. In the future, this service will allow us to carry out bulk export shipments from Russia to Germany. "
Now the company's customers are available several options for delivery: "door to door," from the manufacturer to the customs post in Russia, or to the warehouse "Daxer" in the Moscow region, as well as from the company's warehouse in Germany to anywhere in Russia. Transit time to customs terminals in Russia, where the company's specialists work, is from three to five days.
The company's declarants work in close proximity to Smolensk, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow regional customs. When the car arrives at the Russian border, the entire set of documents for the cargo is ready for customs clearance. "
This allows you to guarantee the release of the machine "day to day". "Dakser" also carries out regular shipment of consolidated cargo to Russia from Lithuania and Poland.

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