Britain may refuse gas heating -

Britain may refuse gas heating

By 2050, Britain intends to abandon gas heating.

Britain may refuse gas heating

Britain intends to abandon gas heating by 2050. By this time, boiler boilers that supply gas to buildings should be disconnected from them or modernized to meet government plans to reduce the amount of carbon entering the atmosphere.
British energy regulator Ofgem has warned that household owners will be overwhelmed by how they are offered to use energy and cars over the next 30 years. Only last year, the government announced that as early as 2025 gas boilers and stoves would be banned in new buildings. This decision is caused not only by the increasing accidents in homes where gas piping exists, but also by the fact that when it is consumed, the gas causes carbon emissions into the environment, which, in turn, contributes to global warming. The British Parliament has promised to reduce atmospheric carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050 compared with 1990 levels.
However, as noted by the British media, the main problem today is that only 5 percent of the energy used to heat homes comes from low-carbon sources. And only 30 thousand of the 30 million cars in Albion are powered by electric motors.

For their part, members of the public warn that revolutionary changes in the sphere of housing and communal services should not infringe on the interests of ordinary people. “The regulator, government and the housing and utilities sector should put people at the center of this process. People need to understand why they need these changes, what help and support they will need to accept these changes. Finally, they need to provide reliable consumer protection if something goes wrong so, "said the executive director of Citizens Advice.

The energy regulator intends to offer the British several options for replacing gas heating. One of them is the utilization of gas boilers and the use of a heat network instead, which pumps hot water and air through pipes to heat homes. Currently, this practice is used in some areas of London. Another idea is to use electricity to heat British homes, which for many years have been heated exclusively with gas. The regulator is exploring various ways to make home heating electric, for example, using electricity used to power heat pumps. Finally, gas boilers can be upgraded to work with decarbonized gas, such as hydrogen. Last year, energy experts explained that low-carbon heat pumps and heat networks can add £ 5,000 to the cost of an apartment in a new building because they will have underfloor heating and expensive, large radiators.
Ofgem is lobbying Downing Street for the proposal that there should be around 10 million electric cars on British roads by 2030, and 39 million such cars by 2050. To this end, after 2035, new gasoline and diesel cars and trucks will not be sold in Albion.

In this regard, additional support will be needed for the electricity grid to prepare for increased consumer demand. According to the British Committee on Climate Change, the country will need to additionally accommodate 3,500 charging stations near highways and 210,000 such facilities in cities and towns. Now in Albion, a total of about 30 thousand such stations are installed. Drivers can also be offered incentives to switch to electric cars. For example, they will be able to earn money by selling excess electricity to the National Energy System. Currently, it is practiced by some consumers in homes where solar panels are installed.

Source: Russian newspaper

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