Someone sleep, and we get married -

Someone sleep, and we get married

Moscow registry offices now work at night.

Someone sleep, and we get married

For the second month, the oldest Wedding Palace - the Griboedovsky registry office - has been working in a new mode: now from Saturday to Sunday it is open around the clock. Couples can sign up before flying on their honeymoon. Or after marriage, to meet the dawn in the center of the capital. And more than 30 couples have already married at such an unusual time.
As it turned out on the spot, marriage can be registered both in the evening (from 18.00 to 23.00), and directly at night - from midnight to seven in the morning. At the same time, most grooms with brides still try to sign early, until nine in the evening, in order to manage to celebrate the wedding in a restaurant. But it is quite possible that in Moscow, the city that never sleeps, the night registry office services will enjoy the same popularity as the services of fitness centers, beauty salons and other institutions that have switched to a round-the-clock mode of operation.

From dusk to dawn

“It’s very convenient. We go to a restaurant right after painting, and we would have to walk around Moscow for half a day,” the newlyweds Eugene and Nikita, who have just received a marriage certificate, share their impressions. “We applied for two months, and there wasn’t much time for the weekend, we were offered nine in the morning and six in the evening, of course, we chose the evening,” says Eugenia.
Half an hour later they invite the next couple to sign. Razia and Rashvin chose the Griboedovsky registry office also because they register marriages with foreigners.

According to statistics, about 10% of marriages concluded by Muscovites are marriages with citizens of other countries. Now in the capital of Russia, you can marry a citizen of a far abroad in any department of the registry office, with the exception of three. Previously, marriage with foreigners could be registered only in the Wedding Palace No. 4 on Butyrskaya Street (now it is closed for repairs) and in the Shipilovsky department of the registry office. By the way, those who wish to tie marital ties with a citizen or citizen of Belarus have the same options: marriage registration with CIS citizens is performed by any registry office in the registry office or the Wedding Palace (except for the Zamoskvoretsky and Lublin departments).

In the footsteps of Gagarin

“My fiancé is a citizen of Azerbaijan,” Razia explains. Already in the status of husband and wife, they say that the evening wedding fit perfectly into their plans. Griboedovsky registry office, located in an old merchant mansion of the early twentieth century in the historical center of the capital, is considered the most beautiful in Moscow. This is partly why he was chosen. And the restaurant where they will celebrate is very close.

However, they, like the previous couple, are skeptical about the idea of nightly registration of marriages - they are more inclined to the traditional version. “Of course, marrying at midnight is extravagant, young people will surely like it. Or those who sleep during the day and stay awake at night. But it seems to me that the evening, like ours, is ideal for those who go on to celebrate further, and for those who doesn’t want big celebrations, "says Rashvin.
Newlyweds leave the Wedding Palace to the friendly cries of the guests “congratulations”, white doves soar up in the sky, limousines are carried away into the darkness of Moscow at night, and other bride and groom, Muscovite Antonina and Chilean Francisco are sent to check documents. They met at work. "My future husband is a big fan of Yuri Gagarin, when he found out that the astronaut was here at the wedding of his friends, he unequivocally declared that our wedding will be in this registry office," says Antonina. Francisco, who did not expect his wedding to interest Russian journalists, confusedly adds that it is very beautiful here, and in the evening any celebration is more romantic. Future newlyweds also described their mood with the same word: in those two and a half hours that we spent at the Wedding Palace No. 1, more than 10 couples came to submit documents. And there was still a whole night ahead!

In the evening mode

The maximum number of couples who can be married in the evening and at night is eight. The first "session" at 18.00, and then with an interval of an hour until the morning.
You can submit an application, like in other registry offices, both personally and online, through the portal of public services, choosing the free date and time on the Internet, and recording is available a year in advance. So far, signing up for the evening is much easier than for traditional daytime. At the time of writing, the nearest free day available for electronic recording was a month later with a little - Saturday, March 21. At 23.00! But starting from March 28, there are much more options offered, there are also at 6 p.m. or 6.30 p.m., while morning and day can only be reached in April - May.

The rules for filing applications for registration at night are the same as during the day, the size of the state duty is the same, and the ceremony itself takes place according to a single scenario. In any case, champagne and musicians will be waiting for the newlyweds already at the restaurant - at the Wedding Palace for two and a half years there is a ban on receptions and live music, so that Mendelssohn's waltz sounds in the recording.

Source: Russian newspaper

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