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"Coffee" drone

"Coffee" drone

Unmanned coffee delivery, patented by IBM

Drone for the delivery of coffee, which can detect people's fatigue and bring them a drink, was patented by the technology company IBM.
The patent describes a drone that can identify the "cognitive state" of office workers and a cup of coffee on a "string".
Technology companies often patent products, even if they do not intend to sell them in the near future. IBM did not disclose whether it plans to produce a coffee drone. A patent filed in the US, where the process can cost thousands of dollars, describes several variations of the drone delivery of the drink. In one example, coffee is distributed from the drone directly into the worker's mug.
Another option describes hot drinks delivered in a sealed packet to prevent scalding.
IBM suggests that the Dron can be equipped with technology to detect blood pressure, dilate the pupils and express the face and judge if people are drowsy. In addition, people in the office can cause a cup of coffee with a hand gesture.
IBM was once a leading manufacturer of computer mainframes and desktop PCs. However, recently, it has turned its attention to software and artificial intelligence, developing products such as "arguing machine."

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