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Farewell to the smartphone

How to bury the victims of the coronavirus on the Apennines.

Farewell to the smartphone

Coronavirus on the Apennines hits the sick twice: first, the infected die in isolation, away from loved ones and loved ones, and then go on their last journey accompanied by strangers.
Against the backdrop of the spread of the pandemic in Italy, they have increasingly resorted to online funerals. The death toll from coronavirus in Italy is rapidly approaching 20 thousand people. Many of them leave this world in isolated hospital boxes, where relatives are not allowed to enter because of the increased threat of infection. The maximum that doctors can help in such a delicate situation is to only connect a patient who is on the verge of life and death with relatives on Skype. It is not regrettable, but often it is during such video calls that close people have the opportunity to personally say goodbye to each other for the last time.
According to a government decree, a short funeral is held in Italy, without traditional processions from the place of residence to the cemetery. Recently, on the Apennines, funerals are increasingly held in the presence of only a priest and a funeral home employee. The latter had an unenviable mission - he had to choose a coffin, having previously agreed on its configuration with the deceased's messenger’s family, dressed in a protective suit, independently take the body from the hospital or from home, then take it to church for a quick funeral service in an empty church, and then bury or cremate.

In terms of logistics, the Italian funeral sector is under tremendous pressure - due to the large number of deaths, a burial line has been formed for burial and cremation. Suffice it to recall the terrifying shots from Bergamo, in which coffins with the dead are visible in a row near the church. In this city, a whole generation has actually died in a few weeks. Since neither local cemeteries nor crematoriums could cope with the death toll, they had to be transported with military assistance to neighboring provinces. A similar situation is developing in neighboring Emilia-Romagna. The situation is aggravated by the fact that many funeral homes in the country are also quarantined, while those who are still working have almost no funds left for antivirus protection.
The deceased are not allowed to dress in their clothes; they are all buried in medical robes. The deceased should also not be combed and put on posthumous makeup. Since undertakers themselves often pick up coronavirus from deceased compatriots, those infected are buried in closed zinc coffins. In order to alleviate at least a little the suffering of the deceased's relatives, who are not able to personally attend the farewell ceremony, the funeral home bureau employees, armed with a smartphone, go live on the agency’s page on the social network or on the church’s parish page during funeral services and burials. During the online broadcast, anyone can write kind words about the deceased and express condolences to his family. It is important to note that the appearance of an additional option in the form of video did not affect the cost of the funeral. The general price during the pandemic has not changed - funerals in Italy on average both cost and cost from 1,700 to 3,400 euros.

Source: Russian newspaper

14.04.2020 06:20:29
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