Bright week: what needs to be done and what cannot be done -

Bright week: what needs to be done and what cannot be done

Easter is a time of joy.

Bright week: what needs to be done and what cannot be done

Easter, the Bright holiday of the Resurrection of Christ is such a great holiday that it lasts not one Easter night, not one Sunday, but all forty days. Exactly so much time the Resurrected Christ was with His disciples, right up to the moment of Ascension to heaven. The Ascension Day of the Lord in 2020 will be celebrated on May 28, which means Easter, the holiday of the Holy Resurrection of Christ lasts this year from April 19 to May 27 - exactly forty days. The celebration of the main event for Christians - the Resurrection of Christ from the dead ends with "The Passover" - a solemn Easter service on the eve of the Ascension Day.
Exactly forty days, believers greet each other with the words: "Christ is Risen!", "Truly Risen!" and kissing three times - this is called "Christing" (emphasis on the "o" in the second syllable). It is believed that the tradition of kissing three times has been going on since the apostolic times, but this year, for all known reasons, it is banned, and rightly so: the life and health of loved ones are more expensive than the most beautiful customs. After all, it is more important if we show our love not by a kiss, but by the specifically manifested responsibility for the life and health of people.

Easter is a time of joy, therefore the whole Easter period, and even more - before the Trinity Day (June 7) - is customary to pray standing without making any bow to the earth - because they symbolize the unworthiness of the fallen man. But since we celebrate Christ's victory over Easter after the fall - death, then kneeling becomes inappropriate. And the knees themselves are canceled - right up to the Trinity, when believers bow already in prayer to the Holy Spirit.
The first week of the celebration of Easter in the Church is called the Bright Week (“week” is a Church Slavonic week). The whole Easter week is like one day of Holy Easter, and the services of the Holy Week are practically the same, including the solemn procession, which is carried over to the end of the liturgy. In the Bright Week, all services are held with the Royal Gates open - the doors separating the altar from the main space of the temple. Open Royal Doors - a symbol of the fact that henceforth paradise is open for us! And for those who watch the broadcast of Divine Week services, this is also an opportunity to watch what happens during the service at the altar.
Another hallmark of the Bright Week is a joyful bell ringing. Remember, as Yesenin:

Dozing bell

Woke the fields

Smiled at the sun

Sleepy land.

From time immemorial, the bell ringing was considered a sign of the Divine victory over the ancient enemies of the human race - the devil and death.

One-day fasts are canceled on Bright Week on Wednesday and Friday. There are no dead prayers in the Bright Week. The funeral service for the deceased takes place, but they also more than half consist of Easter chants. They don’t go to the cemetery during this period, for this a special day is allotted - Radonitsa (April 28), the second Tuesday after the day of the Holy Resurrection of Christ. Perhaps this year, doctors will forbid us to gather at Radonitsa cemeteries, and this is not a tragedy. Because Radonitsa is not the only day when relatives are remembered - there are seven parental Saturdays in the church calendar. In addition, any Saturday is the day of remembrance of departed loved ones. And finally, in any prayer book you can find prayers for the dead and read them at home, at any time.

You cannot marry in the Bright Week - after all, this is a time of spiritual joy about the Risen Christ, which should not be confused with carnal joys. Weddings begin on Red Hill - the popular name of Fomin is Sunday (April 26), the first Sunday after Easter.
It is believed that good deeds, help and donations to orphans, widows, sick and destitute, committed during the Bright Week, help to remove sin from the soul. And in pre-revolutionary Russia, they did not spare money and time on the work of mercy for the Bright Week. Remember: the perfection of Christianity consists in perfect love for one's neighbor. And this love should manifest itself effectively - help those who need it. Once in Russia there was a separate phenomenon - Easter charity, which encompassed everyone from the poorest to the family of the Emperor. The doors of houses opened wide on Easter days - not only for friends and relatives, but also for the wretched, for the poor. To them, destitute, a festive table was set up, cash alms were prepared in advance. You will look at Easter, greed, not to see the kingdom of God for you, and the Lord will not be merciful to you, the sinner. Easter baskets were sent to shelters, hospitals, almshouses, and prisons. It never occurred to anyone to consider the money spent on Easter charity to be a loss. No, it was an acquisition! “The hand of the giver does not become impoverished! It is more blessed to give than to take,” these gospel words became proverbs. Moreover, envelopes with hard rubles then were not just sent to charitable institutions and to those in need. It was important to personally witness, if not love, then attention to the disadvantaged, but what! In Holy Week, churches recalled the words of Jesus that when you help those in need, you help Christ Himself. And also the parable of the barren fig tree: it withered, died, without giving offspring, without the works of faith. Therefore, Easter charity was obligatory - both among the rich and those who barely made ends meet. "At least a penny, give it! A penny is small, but it will save everyone!" And the feeling of joy that you can be generous was added to the joy of the feast of the Resurrection of Christ. This year, of course, not to Easter charity balls and bazaars, but the means of communication now are such that you can help those in need without even leaving the couch. Help doctors who are at the forefront today. Or, if you are healthy, you can bring medicines and products to a sick neighbor. To cheer up the elderly from a distant nursing home: Easter has no place for longing and loneliness, especially in the age of the Internet. Or, you can pull up a neighbor's child in mathematics, chemistry, literature - by video link! But what kind of good deed can prompt a responsive, merciful heart in the days of Easter joy! After all, it requires joy that a person shares it - with his neighbor, with the distant!

Saint IV century Gregory the Theologian said that "Easter rises above other holidays, like the Sun above the stars." And the Bright Week of the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ flies like a moment belonging to eternity, where, as stated in the Revelation of John the Theologian, "there will be no more time."

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