The kitchen served SOS -

The kitchen served SOS

French culinary experts demand opening restaurants in early May.

The kitchen served SOS

Eighteen prominent French chefs, including Alain Ducasse, Eric Freshon and Guy Savoie, whose Paris restaurant on the Conti promenade is recognized as the best culinary art connoisseurs in the world, sent a letter to President Emanuel Macron. In it, they urge him to open the restaurants and bistros that France is so famous for as soon as possible.
This appeal is a kind of SOS signal, published in the influential metropolitan newspaper Figaro, more than timely. The fact is that after the introduction of anti-virus measures in mid-March, the restaurant sector was not among the "vital" ones. As a result, over a million people in it were unemployed, and many, if not most, owners of institutions risk becoming bankrupt. Which is understandable: there is no revenue, which means that the box office is empty.
“Mr. President, if this continues further,” the letter says, “many of us risk not rising. We are waiting for you to issue a decree as soon as possible on the“ partial removal of quarantine from the restaurant business marked by civil liability. ”At the same time, the cooks promised to launch the “new economic model” developed by the Culinary College of France association, which unites nearly two thousand restaurants - from the most modest to those marked with three stars in the famous Michelin Guide.

What does it consist of? The signatories of the message point to five principles that the owners of these establishments undertake to adhere to. Moreover, it is proposed to coordinate them with the Ministry of Health, fix them in recommendations, and restaurateurs will have to hang them in a prominent place next to the menu.
So, we are talking about obligatory daily instruction for at least 30 minutes, during which the meticulous implementation of sanitary preventive measures is discussed in detail and, if necessary, appropriate adjustments are made.

Each time a client orders a table by phone or the Internet so that he does not have any doubts about the safety of visiting the institution, a video or a detailed written description of the anti-virus steps will be sent to his address. Thus, the authors of the letter emphasize, a kind of "pact" is concluded between the two parties.
An important point is informing the guest about the origin of products and methods of cooking. “There should be complete transparency in this plan,” the culinary experts emphasize and add: this information will be provided upon the visitor’s first request.

But that is not all. The emphasis is also on the organization of labor. After the restaurants begin to work, employees will be divided into shifts. It is necessary to do this in order to reduce contacts between them, as well as save the state funds that are paid to those who find themselves forced to temporary unemployment.

Although the appeal does not say this, but among the measures that restaurant owners, bistros and others like them are ready to take, this is a reduction in the number of tables: thereby increasing the distance between them. In large restaurants, there is generally no such problem - the area allows. But the classic French brasserie, cafes, bars, where people sit almost back to back, will surely have to abandon the traditional crowding. So the damned virus changes both the way of life of the French and their customs.

Source: Russian newspaper

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