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Homosexuality in India is now legal

Homosexuality in India is now legal

The Supreme Court of India ruled that homosexual sex is no longer a criminal offense

The ruling reverses the decision of 2013, which upheld the law of the colonial era, known as section 377, according to which homosexual sex is classified as an "unnatural crime."
At present, the court ruled that discrimination based on sexual orientation is one of the main violations of rights.
People welcomed this decision, and some even cried with happiness, when the decision was made.
Although public opinion in the largest cities of India stands for the repeal of the law, strong opposition remains among religious groups and conservative rural communities. But this decision rendered by the highest court is now the final decision in this matter and can not be challenged. Thus, this represents a huge victory for the LGBT community of India.
What did the judges say?
The decision was made by a panel of five judges, headed by Deipak ​​Misrau, the chief judge of India, and was unanimous.
Reading the verdict, he said: "The criminalization of sexual intercourse is irrational, arbitrary and obviously unconstitutional."
Another judge, Proma Malhotra, said that she believes "history should apologize to LGBT people for ostracizing."
Judge D.Ya. Chandrachud stated that the state has no right to control the privacy of members of the LGBT community and that the denial of the right to sexual orientation is equivalent to the denial of the right to privacy.
The ruling effectively allows homosexual sex among consenting adults in private.

What is Section 377?
This is the 157-year-old law of the colonial era, which criminalizes some sexual acts as "unnatural crimes", which are punishable by 10-year imprisonment. The law punishes, in his own words, "sexual intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal."
Although the Statute provides for criminal liability for anal and oral sex, it largely affects same-sex relationships.
Human rights groups say that the police used the law to harass and insult members of the LGBT community.

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