President of Sri Lanka in anger over cashews -

President of Sri Lanka in anger over cashews

President of Sri Lanka in anger over cashews

The national airline of Sri Lanka was in trouble because of several nuts

President Maitrypal Sirisen complained that during a recent trip with the airlines of Sri Lanka he was offered cashews that were not suitable for human consumption.

In fact, the angry leader added that they are not even suitable for dogs.

The airline, which has at least $ 1 billion ($ 770 million) in debt, has not yet commented on the outbreak of Mr. Sirizena. In recent years, the airline has been filled with allegations of corruption and is currently being investigated by a special presidential investigation commission.

However, what exactly was so offensive about nuts is unclear.

Speaking at a farmers' event in South Sri Lanka on Monday, Mr. Syricena said that offensive products were filed to him during a flight from Nepalese capital Kathmandu to Colombo, Sri Lanka, last week. "When I came back from Nepal, they served cashew nuts on the plane, not to mention people, even dogs can not eat who endorses these things?" - he told a group of farmers in the south of Sri Lanka.

"Who approved the cashews?" Who is responsible for this? "

This is not the first time that a package of nuts on the plane made a noise.

Four years ago, the executive director of Korean Air returned the aircraft back to the gate after the stewardess tried to serve her a package of macadamia nuts in a package, not on a plate.

Heather Cho, daughter of the company's boss Cho Yan Ho, was later convicted of violating the safety of the plane, after spending several months in jail before being released to serve a suspended sentence on appeal.

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