In India, a tiger-eater appeared -

In India, a tiger-eater appeared

In India, a tiger-eater appeared

The Supreme Court of India rejected an appeal for the rescue of an ogre

The court said that it would not interfere if the forest rangers were forced to shoot a tiger if they could not catch it.
Officials say that the tiger killed five people, but activists doubt whether the animal was responsible for this.
Because of rapid deforestation, tigers often come into conflict with rural residents living near their reserves.
The population of tigers in India, which has been declining for several years, has been growing steadily since 2006, when the country intensified its efforts to conserve their population.
Forest official Pradeep Rahurkar told the BBC Marathi that officials will first try to calm and capture the tigress known as T1. "If this fails, the animal will have to be shot to avoid further human casualties," he added.
The animal was last seen in Yavatmal district.
Officials said they would also try to calm down two tiger cubs and a tiger male named T2, who was seen in the same territory. He was not accused of any deaths. But the two plaintiffs who applied to the court argued that the Forest Department did not have the "necessary expertise" to catch the animal alive, and would eventually shoot it.
"We are doing everything we can to save T1 and her family because they are innocent and vital to our ecosystem," said Ajay Dubey, one of the applicants and a wildlife advocate, the BBC before the court rejected the appeal. In India, 60% of the world's tigers live. In 2014, the national census showed that the tiger population increased from 1706 in 2011 to 2226, which led to an increase of 30%. This was associated with activists, government initiatives to streamline measures to conserve and raise awareness in the villages.
In 2017, a court in Maharashtra upheld an order to kill a tiger accused of killing four people, despite the fact that activists insisted that the animal should be tranquilized and moved to another location.
Most attacks on people are occasional clashes.
But a series of attacks on people in rapid succession is considered a control sign of so-called cannibalism.

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In India, a tiger-eater appeared

The Supreme Court of India rejected an appeal for the rescue of an ogre
11.09.2018 11:09:15

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