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Ricin in the envelope again

Donald Trump was far from the first American leader to be poisoned.

Ricin in the envelope again

A month and a half before the presidential elections in the United States, the American special services thwarted the assassination attempt on Donald Trump. As it became known, the FBI and the Secret Service within a few days figured out and arrested a certain woman who sent a dangerous package to the owner of the White House. The letter contained the highly toxic substance ricin and, according to media reports, posed a real threat to the life of the recipient of the poisonous message.
The motives of the detainee's actions have not yet been disclosed by the American authorities. However, in the atmosphere of a deep ideological and political split between supporters and ardent haters of Trump, they can be banal - hating and revenge. It is known that before her arrest, a "toxic lady" who has not yet been named by her name, having previously armed herself with firearms, tried to enter the United States from Canada. However, when crossing the border near the city of Buffalo, she was captured by intelligence agents. Charges against the suspect in the attempted poisoning of the American leader will be brought forward in the metropolitan area of Columbia. According to the New York Times, the failed poisoner had previously come to the attention of law enforcement officers - in March 2019, she was detained in Texas for an illegal stay in the United States, after which she was deported to her homeland.
To date, it is known that the arrested person is a citizen of Canada, from where the ricin package was sent to Trump. Last Saturday, the US Postal Service delivered it to an out-of-White House sorting facility for all incoming mail. Here, a suspicious parcel with a return address "the city of Saint Hubert, Quebec, Canada" was paid close attention by the Secret Service, which guards senior officials of the US federal government. On what grounds it was possible to calculate the "poisonous message", in the White House they do not spread for obvious reasons - no one is going to make life easier for potential poisoners of the first persons of the state. As experts in the field of personal safety explained to "RG", the suspicious package was most likely X-rayed, processed by means of special chemistry and additionally checked by a gas analyzer, which confirmed the signs of a highly toxic poison from castor seeds in it.

Note that concentrated ricin in the amount of 500 milligrams is quite enough to kill a person, and there is no antidote for it. Once in the body with the air, such a poison, depending on the dosage, can cause death within two to three days.
The FBI noted that the investigation of this incident is being conducted in conjunction with the Canadian secret service - the Royal Mounted Police. And according to CNN, which was the first to report the incident with reference to anonymous sources in the Trump administration, similar parcels could have been sent to the suspect at several other addresses in the United States, including a number of government agencies.
Note that by the standards of the US Secret Service, which annually identifies hundreds of threats and thwarts dozens of assassination attempts on current and former American presidents, such a case can be called rather ordinary. And certainly not in the most creative way to harm the health of the US president. So, in 2014, an American was sentenced to 25 years in prison for sending parcels of ricin to the previous owner of the White House, Barack Obama. And in 2018, a veteran of the US Army was accused of sending parcels of castor bean seeds containing ricin to the Pentagon chief, FBI chief and CIA director.

Even earlier, in 1994, ex-President Bill Clinton was targeted. Then the presidential residence in Washington was fired upon, and one of the bullets broke through a window on the first floor and flew into the dining room. The Clinton couple were on the second floor at that time and were not injured.
And yet it was Trump's predecessor, Obama, that at one time became the target of a record number of threats. It was estimated that American white racists, dissatisfied with his election in 2008, literally bombarded the country's first-ever black president with promises of physical violence - their number has grown by 400 percent compared to threats against former President George W. Bush. ... By the way, Bush himself may have also been poisoned. And relatively well. At least this is exactly the version of the mysterious malaise that suddenly struck the 43rd US President in her memoir "A Conversation from the Heart" presented by former First Lady Laura Bush. According to her, during a visit to the G8 summit in Germany in 2007, she, her husband and several members of the American delegation were poisoned - some had lost their hearing, while others could not walk normally or were bedridden. The doctors accompanying the president sounded the alarm, but according to the results of the investigation, they could not confirm with 100 percent certainty that it was the poisoning of the American leader.

The German side categorically denied such speculation. As Steffen Duckhorn, the chef of the restaurant at the Grand Hotel, which hosted the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, told Spiegel magazine, throughout the event, his kitchen was filled with toxicologists who took food samples before, during and after each food intake by the heads of delegations, and also carefully checked them in the laboratory. In addition, as the culinary specialist explained, the Americans, unlike everyone else, brought their own food from the United States with them.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

22.09.2020 07:42:31
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