How to make a breakthrough in your PR career -

How to make a breakthrough in your PR career

5 tips for those who want to get results faster.

How to make a breakthrough in your PR career

Timur Aslanov, editor-in-chief of the Press Service magazine:

Everyone around you is slowly climbing up the career ladder, but it's boring. Building a PR career for years, crawling from one not very well-paid job to another, swallowing the dust of press releases, getting cold on press tours and getting bored at press breakfasts, where the speaker, falling asleep himself, tells sleeping journalists about how milk yields have grown - did you dream about this when you entered the profession?

Here are some tips for novice PR specialists on how to jump over several steps on the career ladder, or even use the elevator altogether.

1. Actively study the profession.

Banal advice, you might say. It looks like this, but in fact you have no idea how many so-called experienced PR specialists do not know how to do basic things - write a release correctly, build communication correctly. But what is there to go far - every third PR specialist does not know how to properly present his company in a short and to the point. I say this with all responsibility, as a person who teaches this.

In any field, the number of real professionals is small. But if doctors' mistakes sometimes cost the lives of patients, then many mistakes of PR specialists are simply lost profits of the company, which perhaps no one will ever count. And that means they won't get caught by the hand.

Examine the key points of the profession in depth and hone your skills. And you will immediately notice that things have gone better. And you will be noticed. And not only your bosses.

2. Don't stop.

There will be no end to this. There is no point where you could breathe out and say: that's it, I've studied PR. While you were exhaling, the industry was already far ahead. Everything changes today in communications very quickly, and the knowledge gained yesterday is worth nothing tomorrow. This is unpleasant on the one hand, but it does not allow you and your brains to sour. And if life in constant motion is not for you - change your profession.

3. Pay attention to the little things.

This is also a sign of professionalism. Competent speech, absence of mistakes in texts, timely congratulations on birthdays and important events of journalists and other necessary people - there are a lot of little things in the profession. And many people neglect them. But there are people for whom this is important and this is some kind of unspoken face control that you may not pass.

4. Contact actively.

The communicator is about communication. Weave a network of useful contacts, help people solve their problems, do not be greedy, share information, acquaintances, experience. Such people are liked by everyone, such people do not sit at black work for a long time, but make a quick career. In any profession, but it is easier for a communicator - his social circle can be very wide and enter very interesting and high spheres. And everyone needs a good communicator. And the director of a small factory and the owner of a large corporation. And the governor and the federal minister.

5. Build a personal brand.

We have already agreed with you that you must become a strong professional, an expert in the field of PR. Now the second part of the Marlezon ballet - it is necessary that everyone in the industry knows that you are an expert. To do this, you need to tell everyone about it. But not in the forehead - it doesn't work that way. And PR tools. And since you are a good PR man, you should be able to promote yourself. We build an image and untwist it. And they begin to recommend and advise you, they talk about you, they want to work with you. It's not you who knocks over the thresholds of HR directors, but they stand in line in your inbox. And your only task is not to miss your luck and choose the most advantageous offer.

And let everyone else waddle up the stairs, rubbing each step with their knees.

Would you like to talk in detail about how to go through all these five steps?

Then come and study for my PR Breakthrough online intensive course starting on January 14th.

5 hour and a half live online classes in Zuma, live communication, analysis of specific cases and step-by-step instructions on how to take the elevator where others are walking. Videos of lessons for those who missed.

Come in, watch the program and register:
When registering in December, you can get a 10% discount

On the PR-BREAKTHROUGH course you will learn:
- why do we need all this PR and what to do with it,
- why is this the best profession in the world,
- how to make a quality breakthrough and turn from a beginner PR specialist into a seasoned wolf,
- how to quickly understand the essence of work, stop wallowing in a heap of problems and clearly see the PR goal and the path to it,
- why journalists don't like PR people and what to do about it,
- how to tame the media and make them dance to your tune,
- what to do with PR if the boss said "there is no money, but you are holding on",
- why do we need an information policy, PR strategy, PR plan and how to get the most out of boring documents,
- what is the info field and where is the button,
- what to do if you were blown up by an information mine,
- how to write PR texts that won't go to the basket,
- what to tell the target audience if there is nothing to talk about,
- I want everyone to recognize me or what to do with my personal brand,
- how to stop doing stupid things from which no one is immune,
- how to become number one in the profession and make a cool career in public relations,
Is a rich PR man a myth or is there money in this profession?

You can view the course program and register here:
Or call tel. (495) 540-52-76

Author and host of the online course:

Timur Aslanov
• editor-in-chief of the "Press Service" magazine,
• founder of the publishing house "Image-Media",
• Chairman of the jury of the "Press Service of the Year" competition and the "MEDIALIDER" corporate media competition,
• 25 years of experience in media and PR structures,
• business coach, author and presenter of workshops on public relations, public speaking and promotion,
• author of books “PR-texts. How to hook the reader ”,“ Copywriting. Simple recipes for selling texts "," Be different! Personal brand is a weapon of mass impression ", etc.,
• member of the Russian Association for Public Relations,
• Member of the Guild of Marketers,
• lectures on public relations at MBA programs in various universities,
• organizer, moderator and speaker of leading Russian conferences on PR, marketing and sales.
• included in the rating of 27 best business coaches in Russia according to the magazine "Human Resources Management"

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Timur Aslanov

The founder of the Imidzh-Media publishing house.

The magazine "Press Service"

Specialized magazine for all who work in the field of public relations

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