Novikombank joined the International Chamber of Commerce -

Novikombank joined the International Chamber of Commerce

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Novikombank joined the International Chamber of Commerce

Since March 2017, Novikombank experts will be able to participate in the work of the ICC Russia Banking Commission and the global Banking Commission ICC.

Also, the bank's experts will be able to join the Russian and international working groups of the ICC, which formulate recommendations on the use of the newest instruments of banking activity. Cooperation with leading foreign experts contributes to the improvement of the line of new competitive products of the bank, which, in turn, are designed to stimulate the foreign economic activity of Russian enterprises and to implement export contracts at the highest level. The key customers of NOVIKOMBANK are the leaders of Russian industry. In addition to lending to strategic projects of high-tech enterprises, the bank also finances the execution of contracts within the framework of military-technical cooperation. At the moment NOVIKOMBANK serves about 500 export contracts.
Comment of Elena Georgieva, Chairman of the Board of NOVIKOMBANK:
Membership in ICC testifies to NOVIKOMBANK's aspiration to conduct international transactions in full accordance with modern trends of global banking practice, and also allows employees to always be aware of the latest changes in the international practice of documentary business. Using the experience and knowledge of experts from around the world helps maintain the quality of international transactions of our clients at the highest level. In addition, the new status will provide an exceptional opportunity to participate in the development of rules that unify the conduct of guarantee operations and international settlements.
Commentary by Tatyana Monaghan, Secretary General of ICC Russia:
We are pleased with the decision of NOVIKOMBANK to join ICC Russia. Membership of such modern and high-tech financial institutions gives impetus to the development of the ICC Russia Banking Commission, for the formation of new working groups and new areas of activity. In turn, we recommend the best experts of our Commission to participate in international working groups and ICC studies. We are confident that this cooperation will enrich both Russian and global banking practices, strengthen the positions of Russian banks in the international arena and will contribute to the development of optimal solutions for the most contentious issues.

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