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"The Last Footprint" is an exhibition of organic sculpture.

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"The Last Footprint" is an exhibition of organic sculpture.

On September 22, the "Aptekarsky Garden" opens a provocative eco-exhibition.

Within the framework of the festival "Colors of Autumn" and the Year of Ecology in Russia, the opening ceremony of the provocative eco-exhibition of the organic sculpture "The Last Footprint" will take place under the open sky in the Botanical Garden of the Moscow State University "Aptekarsky Ogorod". The exhibition will last until the end of 2017.

The author of an outrageous project - the modern Russian artist Anastasia Dubach - presents sculptural portraits of wild animals that are under threat of extinction. The concept of the exhibition is united by a common creative idea - to realize the necessity of preserving the wild nature, the diversity of the unique animal world, to imprint harmony of the natural environment of the planet.

Art objects are made of natural materials - fallen leaves, branches and bark of trees, moss, grass, stones and soil. According to the idea of ​​the author, the use of this experimental technique clearly demonstrates the pristine beauty of nature and at the same time its fragility, defenselessness to man, conveys the elusive beauty of the wild world.

Object of attention Anastasia Dubach - rare species of animals listed in the Red Book. The young master creates images of animals that our planet loses: black vulture, roe deer, Caucasian tour, mountain goat, wild boar and other endangered species.

Most of the animals depicted live in the zone of specially protected natural areas of Russia. The artist meets his characters in national parks, reserves and nature reserves of Russia (the Kaliningrad National Park "Curonian Spit", the Caucasus State Natural Biosphere Reserve named after Kh. G. Shaposhnikov, Oka State Reserve of the Ryazan Region, etc.).

During creative trips to the country's protected places artistic images are born, which the author embodies in his art objects: "Celia" (Pyrenean goat Bucardo), "Zhumachny" (European roe deer), "Scavenger" (Black vulture), "Mountain" ( West Caucasian tour or the Caucasian mountain goat), "Smiling to the Sun" (Kaban-sekach), "In the house" (Grape Snail).

One of the most controversial sculptures of the exposition is the huge heart of the Belovezhskaya-Caucasian bison, made of the skeleton of a burnt tree found in the Oka reserve. It is here that carefully preserve the population of bison. The largest artiodactyl, listed in the Red Book, with a powerful physique and sharp horns, looks menacing. In fact, a bison is an absolutely harmless creature not only for humans, but also for forest dwellers. In the hands of the artist, the object of "dead nature" is surprisingly transformed into an object of modern art, and the large and good heart of a powerful animal "comes alive" to the viewer.

According to the UN Environment Committee, 25,000 species of animals and plants disappear every year on Earth - about three kinds per hour.

The author of the exhibits - Anastasia Dubach - is a rare phenomenon in contemporary art. She is a technical master who has a powerful creative energy. President of the Russian Academy of Arts People's Artist of the USSR and Russia Zurab Tsereteli noted that Anastasia Dubach belongs to a happy generation of modern domestic artists who can afford full freedom of creative expression, as they masterfully master all the technical possibilities of the fine arts. Tsereteli appreciated not only the artistic technique of the artist, but also the striking accuracy of her drawing, the special harmony of the color of the works.

Most of the life of Anastasia Dubach is volunteering. He is a participant in the Moscow volunteer corps of the All-Russian Public Movement "Volunteers of Victory". She personally renders assistance to veterans and takes part in the actions of the charitable foundation "Memory of Generations".

The artist takes an active part in animal protection activities and is engaged in environmental volunteering. Thus, during one of the volunteer missions Anastasia Dubach, who took part in the rescue of dogs subjected to ill-treatment, the creative project "Dogs" was born. The artistic series with portraits of disabled dogs was widely covered in the media and attracted public attention to the problem of cruel treatment of animals and the dehumanization of modern society.

Anastasia Dubach is also engaged in cultural volunteering. Her active social work, participation in artistic and educational activities and personal contribution to the cause of aesthetic education of the younger generation are noted thanks to the Moscow Museum of Education.

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