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5 myths about sales or excuses of weak sellers

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5 myths about sales or excuses of weak sellers

Sales - a difficult profession, sometimes demanding outstanding qualities and associated with a strong emotional stress.

Timur Aslanov

5 myths about sales or excuses of weak sellers
Not everyone can do this job well. Justifying themselves, people begin to invent different stories, which are picked up by other losers and fixed in the public consciousness as established maxims. However, there is no truth in them. But with their help it's easy to regret and justify yourself, if nothing happens. We will analyze only a few of them.

Myth 1. "Sales are not mine. It is not given to me. "

Sales may not like you. You may dream of another job - embroider a cross or write poetry. But unlike the same poems, a particular kind of natural gift is not needed to become a good salesman. Brilliant sellers, of course, are gifted people. But any person with a normal intellect can learn to sell not at the highest level, but simply at a good level. Because sales are not art. This is technology. And so it can be mastered. Understand the mechanisms of communication, learn the structure of each stage of sales, learn the speech modules, understand the key principles and how it is fashionable to practice more.

It's very funny sometimes to see entrepreneurs who are trying to build a business and reason: sales are not mine, oh, someone would come and sell me sales for me, or I myself was not born a salesman.

This is an excuse for laziness and no more. If business needs money as air, sit down and do a special profession, instead of whining about a wizard who will fly in a blue helicopter.

Myth 2. "Only the born talkers sell."

Many believe that only those who can speak a lot and speak beautifully, born speakers, jokers and chatterers from nature can sell well. This is also another myth.

In the process of selling the task is always to talk the client. Not the seller should speak, but the client. The more the client talks, the more you learn about him, the more clues to offer him exactly what is needed for him, knowing what is important to him. The more the seller says, the more the client wants to escape and end the conversation. There is one stage where you need a good beautiful speech - presentation of the goods, but this is only one of the five stages of sales. And there, too, do not pour a nightingale on an hour and a half. You need to speak moderately. It is important not to say much, but what.

Myth 3. "Price is the main reason people decide to buy"

I do not buy because the business owner sells the product more than the competitors - many sellers argue. This is also an excuse for the weak. If the price of your company's goods were the lowest, the sellers would not be needed. Customers would line up themselves. The task of the seller is just to persuade the customer to buy at this price. Price is not the only factor that people choose. There are a lot of factors. Supplier reliability. Convenience of purchase. Service. Guarantee. Equipment. And so on. And the seller's task is to find and explain to the buyer the advantages of working with his firm. And even if the competitors have exactly the same conditions, and the price is lower - and then you can and should sell. This is the work of the salesman.

Myth 4. "If the client says" No ", then he really does not need to and leave him alone."

Customers refuse. And they often refuse. That's why many sellers quickly burn out. They perceive every refusal as an attack personally against them and as a tragedy. But failure does not mean anything. Refusals are false. Overcoming bounce is the seller's job. The client says no because he did not understand yet his benefits. Because the seller was indistinct and could not convince. Because the client wants to be poked. Yes, there are few reasons. It is necessary to get to the real reason and remove it. The only reason that can not be removed is that you are selling to an unauthorized customer. He does not need real estate in Spain, because he is not restricted. He does not need a Swiss expensive watch, since he lives on a state pension. That is quite a completely untargeted customer.

In all other cases, "no" should be tried to turn into a "yes." But this requires a certain qualification, perseverance and desire. Who does not have them, they say: the client does not need anything.

Myth 5. "In sales everything is unpredictable and this is an unstable income."

If you allow circumstances to dominate you, everything in your life is unpredictable. And everything is unstable. If you are the master of your destiny, then you can achieve stability in sales. If you have a clear and understandable goal and understanding how to achieve it, a step-by-step plan for achieving it - the result will always be. And if you've been picking at the nose all day and sitting in social networks, instead of actively communicating with customers - you are all unstable. If you did not make a plan to fulfill the sales plan from the very beginning of the month, but expected to break the jackpot on random large transactions - you are all unstable. Even if your business is subject to seasonal fluctuations, with the help of clear planning of your work and preventive measures, you can prevent failures. And you can wait for the weather at the sea, arguing that it is better to receive a fixed salary. Let small, but stable. Then you need to give up sales. It really is not yours.

Strong people are looking for ways to achieve results. The weakling are looking for excuses. On what side you are - it's up to you. But do not believe in myths and do not give birth to new ones.

Good luck in sales!

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