How to get new customers on social networks? -

How to get new customers on social networks?

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How to get new customers on social networks?

If these questions are of concern to you too, become a participant in the conference "Public Relations in Social Networks-2018", which will be held February 15-16 in Moscow

The old methods of lidogeneration work every year worse. Customers do not respond to traditional advertising and cold calls,
but spend a lot of time in social networks. How to contact them there and bring them to your company?
How to convey to them important messages and their unique trade proposal?

If these questions worry you too - become a participant of the conference "Public Relations in Social Networks-2018"
which will be held February 15-16 in Moscow.

Speakers of the conference will share in their reports the newest cases and relevant promotion technologies
business in new media channels: Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Youtube, etc. And they will tell you how to attract customers through social networks,
how to keep customers in social networks and how to do business there. Will give concrete recommendations for both B2C and B2B.

The program also includes the following topics:

- HYIP - how to apply it for your promotion,
- How to fend off negative feedback about the company in social networks,
- How to promote your channel to Youtube to be like Dud,
- How to use Stories in the Instagram to promote the brand,
- Do I need Twitter in 2018 and why,
- How to deal with an intelligent tape that hides your posts,
- How to win subscribers and how to involve them in communication,
- How to work with bloggers and opinion leaders,
- How to successfully hold contests in social networks,
- The main trends of work in social media in 2018, etc.

And besides:
- Analysis of the most recent cases, including cases of conference participants.
- Networking session, where all participants of the conference will get to know each other, will find new partners, new clients and new friends.
- Drive, energy, positive and motivational charge for new achievements in the field of PR in social networks.

The conference will include:
Timur Aslanov, Dmitry Sidorin, Vlad Titov, Roman Kumar Vias, Svetlana Krylova, Lyudmila Kharitonova, Anna Galushko, Yevgeny Kozlov and others.

Visit the site view the program and the list of speakers and send the application form.
Get a full set of tips and instructions on how to work on social networks in 2018!

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