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7 important qualities that a PR specialist should possess

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7 important qualities that a PR specialist should possess

Timur Aslanov, Editor-in-Chief of the journal "Press Service"

The most frequent question that I'm asked in interviews is what qualities a modern PR man should have. And so, in the forty-eighth time answering, I decided that I should write a separate article on this topic. And I offer it to your attention. The qualities necessary for a PR man in order to be as effective as possible are many. And it is possible not to write a dissertation to protect the thesis. So I decided to choose seven very important, in my opinion. But at once I will make a reservation that this is not a complete list. So, let's go.
First quality: proactivity. A good PR man should not only be able to extinguish fires - build communications in crisis situations and respond to negativity, but also anticipate such moments, prevent crises and prevent the emergence of negativity. Must be able to look into the future, predict the course of events, anticipate.

Second quality: broad outlook and awareness. You should know everything that happens in your company, in your industry, in the market in general and in general in the country and the world. You need to know the main newsmakers in your topic outside of your company. You should know everything about the organization where you work - its history, everything about its leaders, thoroughly study the goods and services that the company offers, the problems it solves with its clients and those that have not yet learned to solve. And, of course, you should closely follow the information agenda to navigate the info field and use other information guides for your newsletter.
Third quality: communication skills. Communicator should be communicative, no matter how funny it sounds. Among the PR people there are also introverts, which prefer live communication to messengers and do not like noisy events (haha!). A PR man needs to be able to find a key and approach to a huge number of people - newsmakers, journalists, bloggers, employees of his own company, stakeholders, etc. We must be able to communicate, have people with us, make useful contacts and acquaintances, etc. And it's very difficult to do sitting in ambush in your own office. It is necessary to attend parties, conferences, press conferences, exhibitions, planning meetings in administrations, industry events and so on. Get acquainted, keep in touch, help people solve their problems as far as they can, and earn, earn and build a network of useful links.

The fourth quality: to be able to write well texts, and not only classical releases, articles or background grains, but also texts for social networks and selling texts. Without it, today is nowhere. On the one hand, there are more and more texts every day, and on the other hand, the demand for quality texts will only grow. Too much information garbage today in the network and in print.
The fifth quality is literacy. Alas, for today, literacy is a serious competitive advantage for a PR man. I think it's not a secret for anyone that the quality of our education has left much to be desired in recent years. And PR people writing with grammatical errors, unfortunately, are not uncommon. In addition, there is almost no corrector in the press service staff. And if you fill the information of your company's website or pages in social networks and put one mistake after another, then the image of the company will suffer greatly. Nobody will take seriously the supplier who writes ZHI-SHI through Y. Yes, and journalists, getting your releases with incorrectly written TAS and THOUGH and other common manifestations of linguistic ignorance will be angry or vice versa ridicule you. In general, learn Russian.
Sixth quality: hard work. A PR man is a notion around the clock. You can not turn off the machine (that is, in your computer case) strictly at six in the evening as some sort of milling machine and putting a cross on the job until tomorrow just to go home or to a party. You can call a journalist at two o'clock in the morning, and you will be very wrong and then greatly regret if you play a representative of the press, referring to non-working time. Yes, and in general the work of a PR man is continuous work and deadlines. And the end is not visible to them. The working day is not standardized and unpredictable.
Seventh quality: creative. A PR man is a very creative profession. It is necessary not only to compose texts, but also to invent scenarios of events, and even events in general, which were not or would not have been, if not for us. Create reality, design information causes, change the world. This is the most interesting thing in PR-work. And for the sake of this it is worth to endure a huge amount of routine, from which a PR man can not escape.

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