Competition "Press Service of the Year -2017" -

Competition "Press Service of the Year -2017"

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A PR man must be able to propiate himself

Timur Aslanov: A PR man must be able to propiate himself. This year marks an international competition for public relations specialists "Press Service of the Year" on how the contest and its participants developed over the course of ten years, what is needed to win the contest and who is worthy to participate in we talked with the chairman of the jury of the contest "Press Service of the Year", the editor-in-chief of the magazines "Press Service Timur ASLANOV.
- Timur Anatolyevich, today in Russia, perhaps, there was not a single professional PR man who did not hear about the contest "Press Service of the Year". And yet tell about it to beginners in the profession who would like to receive the recommendations of professionals and are already striving to recognize their merits. - Press service of state bodies, commercial and non-commercial organizations, press-secretaries, PR departments of companies and enterprises, PR-agencies and independent PR-specialists can take part in the contest "Press Service of the Year-2017". This year we have fourteen nominations: "Press Service of the Year", "Press Secretary of the Year", "Best Printed Corporate Media", "Best Electronic Corporate Media", "Best Cover of Corporate Media", "PR from scratch" (to The projects launched in 2016 are accepted for participation in this nomination), "Promotion of territories", "Best PR project in the public sphere", "Best PR project in business", "Best press release", "The best project on intracorporate PR "," PR in Social Media "," The Best Social Project in Business "and" The Best Student PR Project ". By the way, participants can submit applications in any number of nominations without restrictions. The only nuance: in each nomination you can submit only one application from each participant.
- What should specialists do for some reason not falling into the number of participants according to the declared criteria, but who have a realized PR-project? - Do not despair and still apply. It is not excluded that we will establish a special prize for them. Our contest is a living, constantly evolving organism, and already tomorrow nominations can appear in it, about which we did not think yesterday.
- How to win the contest? - Well, the most important thing is to send an interesting project. However, practice shows that sometimes good applications do not receive prizes due to improper registration. Stingy short description text, no pictures, no publications are attached and so on. The jury judges the project primarily by the way it is presented. The more colorful and colorful the application will be, the more information there will be, the more specific it will be, the greater the chances of a high rating. A PR man should be able to emulate himself.
- And the objectives of the contest "Press Service of the Year" for these ten years have changed? - I think that we initially set goals so clearly and correctly that we can only supplement them. For the tenth consecutive year, the competition helps us to identify and reward the best projects and works, as well as the best specialists in the field of public relations and the best PR groups, to promote professionalism in our industry. It is also important that we provide PR specialists from Russia, near and far abroad a platform for the exchange of professional experience, where PR specialists can get an expert evaluation of their work and learn about the most successful cases of colleagues.
- Are there any restrictions for the participants of the Press Service of the Year contest? - Participation is free of charge. We accept projects for the competition, implemented, completed or launched in 2017. Participants can become PR men from Russia or any other country. Applications are accepted on the contest website before February 28, 2018. Here, perhaps, and all the restrictions. At the same time, I can say that sometimes we retreat from the rules, if colleagues ask about it. For example, we prolong reception of applications. But it's better not to count on it, but to apply on time, because one of the main conditions for a successful PR is timeliness.
- Participants in the contest from the capital and regions are on equal terms? - We do not divide the contestants into metropolitan and provincials. It matters only their professionalism. You can be a mediocre employee somewhere in the skyscraper Moscow City, or you can - the employer's dream in the remotest remote places. So discard doubts, go to the contest website and submit your application. There is not much time left.

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