Deepcool presents NEW ARK 90 -

Deepcool presents NEW ARK 90

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Deepcool presents NEW ARK 90

Stylish computer case E-ATX with the indicator of speed of circulation of a coolant

February 19, 2018 - Deepcool, the leader in the development and manufacture of computer cooling systems, represents the NEW ARK 90 computer case. The main features of the new product are a large number of fasteners for the installation of various water cooling systems and an external coolant circulation rate indicator that allows you to monitor the operation system.

The NEW ARK 90 design eliminates all the difficulties that users face in trying to install a customized water cooling system in a standard computer case. The novelty is made in the style of extreme minimalism and combines a large number of glass panels and RGB-illumination of various elements to create your own unique style. At the same time, in terms of the installation of components, the case is almost universal and supports the most modern components.

In the NEW ARK 90 there are 4 independent attachments for water cooling systems, so the user will be much more comfortable to build their own unique system and place it as he wants. A special transparent tube on the front of the housing is equipped with a rotor and can work in conjunction with any cooling system to show the speed of the refrigerant circulation in it.

Part of the upper and front panel, as well as the entire left side panel of the body are made of darkened tempered glass "for obsidian." Together with the RGB-backlight system, this will allow users to monitor the operation of key elements of the system. Thanks to a special adapter cable and mountings, the video card can also be displayed in all its glory, by installing it vertically. Both the front and the top panels can be decorated with special LED ribbons, and the compartment for the power supply is covered with a cap with the illuminated logo of the GAMER STORM line.

NEW ARK 90 is compatible with motherboards of the format up to E-ATX and sizes up to 305 x 276 mm. In addition, in a wide 230-mm internal space of the case there is a special gap of 5 mm for more convenient placement of cables.

The hard drive bay can be easily pulled out without tools if necessary.
A variety of cooling system configurations can be installed in the housing. For example, a 120-, 240- or 360-mm radiator for a water cooling system or up to three 120-mm fans can be placed on the front panel. In the delivery set with NEW ARK 90 there is a pre-installed cooling system from the CAPTAIN line with a 280-mm radiator. Also on the side panel are already installed three 140-mm fans with RGB-backlight, which will help improve the cooling of the processor if the video card in the case is too hot or too big and will interfere with the air circulation.

More information about the model is available at: http: //

The mission of DEEPCOOL is to deliver efficient and user-friendly cooling systems to users around the world. Deepcool designs and manufactures a wide range of high-quality products for desktop and laptop PCs, servers, as well as embedded solutions and individual components. Our goal is to constantly meet the changing needs of users in cooling systems and quickly provide full-value services.

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