DHL Express opened a hub in Brussels -

DHL Express opened a hub in Brussels

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DHL Express opened a hub in Brussels

The new distribution center will allow sending up to 42,000 freight per hour.

The opening of the center will create 200 new jobs.
DHL Express, the world leader in logistics and express delivery, has opened a new distribution center at the airport in Brussels. The state-of-the-art equipment with the use of the most advanced transport and logistics technologies will almost fourfold increase the capacity of the hub in Brussels and allow sending up to 42,000 freight per hour. Opened three years earlier than planned, the hub will provide the creation of 200 new jobs. Investments in the project amounted to more than 140 million euros, including rental costs.

"Brussels plays a very important role in the global DHL Express network. The Brussels hub is one of the largest in the world and, due to its location in the heart of Europe, is of fundamental importance, connecting our customers in Europe with other countries around the world. The new hub is a key step in our global investment plan, and its opening will contribute to our further growth, the effectiveness of our network and the development of a high level of service for which customers are applying to DHL Express, "said DHL Express CEO Ken Allen.
A new hub of 36 500 square meters. (including warehouses and offices) will almost quadruple the capacity of DHL Express in Brussels. When fully loaded, two automated sorting systems will be able to handle up to 42,000 shipments per hour, thus the hub will be the fifth largest in the global DHL network. It will provide air and land transportation for a number of destinations in Europe, as well as direct intercontinental flights to North and South America, the Middle East and Africa.
"The new hub is a vivid example of the development of advanced technologies in logistics. It will allow you to handle even more cargo faster and more efficiently. This will allow us to play an important role in the global network, while at the same time providing security and decent working conditions for our 1,200 employees, who in turn are doing everything possible to ensure that customers receive the excellent service that they always expect from DHL Express, "stressed vice president of DHL hub in Brussels Kean Guveluz.
The managing director of DHL Express, Belgium and Luxembourg, Danny Van Himste added: "The new hub will allow Belgium to be more closely connected with Europe and the world. We rely on the needs of our customers, representing different areas of business. With the opening of the new hub, we will have additional opportunities in cargo handling, we will be able to increase speed and flexibility, and national borders will cease to be an obstacle for our customers. "
According to GoGreen, implemented by DHL, thanks to more efficient sorting techniques and thermal insulation technologies, the new hub will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 768 tons per year. The hub in Brussels is certified by level A according to the standards of the Association for the Protection of Carried Goods (TAPA).
DHL is the international leader in logistics and express delivery, operating worldwide. DHL's business units offer customers advanced technology and solutions for international express delivery, national and international postal services, aviation, land and sea shipping, contract logistics and e-commerce. DHL network covers more than 220 countries. DHL employs over 350,000 highly professional employees, thanks to which the company provides high-quality and reliable service in accordance with the needs of customers in quality logistics solutions. DHL is part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group.

DHL is one of the leaders in the Russian market of express delivery and logistics. DHL was the first international express operator to work in the Soviet Union in 1984; Today the territory served by DHL Express covers more than 5 500 settlements in Russia, about 150 offices of the company are opened in more than 120 major cities of the country.

The fleet of DHL Express in Russia has more than 950 vehicles. With the international network, the Russian representative office of DHL connects dedicated flights, carrying around 32 tons of cargo daily. DHL Express is a socially responsible company that actively supports programs to protect the climate, help vulnerable people in different countries, and participate in the elimination of the consequences of natural disasters and disasters.

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DHL is one of the leaders in the Russian market of express delivery and logistics.

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