Psychologists of the Rostov customs conducted on-site training sessions -

Psychologists of the Rostov customs conducted on-site training sessions

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Psychologists of the Rostov customs conducted on-site training sessions

Modern technologies and knowledge of psychology are integral elements of the customs officer's work at the border crossing point

On the eve of the World Cup, psychologists of the Rostov Customs conducted on-site training sessions with officials of customs posts Rostov-on-Don Airport (Platov) and the Rostov-on-Don River Port. Themes of the meetings: "Application of profiling elements in official activities", "Management of conflict situations".

It is no secret that customs authorities use modern means of technical control to speed up customs control and effectively detect violations of legislation (for example, Rostov-on-Don (Platov) airport is equipped with human scanning systems designed to identify objects and substances that are prohibited from moving through the customs border of the EAEC).

However, one more factor influences the successful detection of offenses: the customs inspector's knowledge of the motives of passengers' behavior, their understanding of their psychology and the ability to communicate effectively with different people. Various aspects of this topic were devoted to their field training sessions by the psychologists of the Rostov Customs Maria Goryainova and Olga Smagina.
Officials of customs posts needed to quickly study the features of conducting a survey of passengers and their psychological support in the process of customs control. To master the method of psychological observation and the method of interrogation. Understand the approaches to the resolution and ways of preventing the emergence of conflict situations.

The ability to read psychological information implies not only the training of observation and attention, but also the possession of tactical techniques that allow the effective evaluation of the passenger's behavior during customs control. Considerable attention during the training sessions was given to the analysis of the basic needs and motives of people's behavior at the border. Methods of revealing the true and false statement of the interlocutor on non-verbal signs (facial expressions, gestures, body plasticity, views) are considered. Particular attention of listeners was drawn to understanding the structure and dynamics of conflicts, effective strategies of behavior in resolving conflict situations.
In the course of psychological preparation, the practical tasks of business games that model real situations of customs clearance and inspection helped to consolidate the acquired knowledge, structure professional skills and abilities of customs officers. At the end of the training, everyone present received specially prepared memos on the topics of classes.

"The effectiveness of customs control of passengers largely depends on the competence of customs officials, the presence of communicative qualities of professional communication and stress resistance in interaction with persons prone to conflicts, the ability to establish psychological contact and in any situation act based on ethical standards. To understand and recognize the behavior of passengers is one of the most important skills for officials of the departments of special customs procedures and customs control of customs posts. We, as psychologists, understand that this ability is formed and perfected over the years. Therefore, we see our goal in the training sessions in explaining the theoretical base of profiling and conflictology, actualizing the available practical experience, and, most importantly, drawing the attention of officials to the psychological aspect of their work, "Maria Goryainova explained.

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