Projectors for business tasks -

Projectors for business tasks

Projectors for business tasks

Ricoh has expanded the line of projectors for business tasks with new devices

Ricoh, one of the world's leading suppliers of printing equipment, document management solutions, projectors and optical technologies, took part in the Integrated Systems Europe 2018 - the largest international event in the professional audio and video equipment industry. The company introduced several new lines of its products, including laser, compact short-focus, universal and other projectors. The main requirements for projectors for business in 2018 are reliability, ease of installation, high brightness and support for modern technologies. The latter includes work without connecting to a PC and transferring images from mobile gadgets - for all Ricoh projectors this is already standard. They are also distinguished by the ease of installation and ease of management. Ricoh quality optics and Texas Instruments chips guarantee thousands of hours of trouble-free operation without degrading image quality. In addition, Ricoh short-focus and ultra-short-focus projectors have practically no analogues in the market and are suitable for efficient use even in a very limited working space.

Universal projectors PJ X5770 / WX5770 and PJ X5580 / PJ WU5570 for presentations in medium and large auditoriums and event halls
The devices will help visualize the information in the lecture room of the university, the conference hall or at a business meeting in a large meeting room. Bright and reliable projectors of these rulers perfectly cope with their tasks, even working in daylight or artificial light. The devices of both lines can be controlled through the network. Diagonal projection PJ X5770 and WX5770 is 22 to 300 inches with a resolution of XGA (4: 3) and WXGA (16:10), and the models PJ X5580 and PJ WU5570 - from 30 to 300 inches at a similar resolution. The maximum projection diagonal is comparable to the screen size in a small cinema. The PJ X5770 and WX5770 models are powered by powerful 5000 lumens and 5100 lumens respectively. Both projectors support the connection of multiple devices using the Miracast standard and two HDMI ports. Each model is equipped with a pair of built-in speakers with a capacity of 12 watts, in an audience of 50 people, everyone will hear the sound. Among the features of the second line - PJ X5580 and PJ WU5570 - also have two built-in speakers, but slightly less powerful - 10 watts each. Wireless support for Wi-Fi via HDMI adapter is available. The brightness of the lamps in these projectors is even higher - 6000 lm and 5500 lm, respectively. This allows them to work in any conditions in large auditoriums, for example, conference halls, without loss of image quality.

PJ WXL5670 / PJ WUL5670 laser projectors for digital advertising and presentations in medium-sized conference rooms The Ricoh projector models are not only compact, but also virtually silent. Powerful and reliable projectors PJ WXL5670 and PJ WUL5670 are suitable for viewing presentations and video in auditoriums and conference rooms of medium size. They will also be an ideal solution for use in digital advertising. To start working with projectors is very simple - you do not need special skills and knowledge, but you can manage them through a convenient web interface. Thanks to the lamp life of 20,000 hours, the devices do not require additional maintenance costs, and the brightness of 5200 lumens allows them to be used even in well-lit rooms. Both models can be positioned at any angle with respect to the screen, they have PIP / PBP projection modes (picture in picture / next to the picture) and pre-installed wide possibilities for image adjustment and management. The projectors support the resolution of WXGA (16:10) and WUXGA (16:10) with a projection diagonal of 30 to 300 inches.

Availability in Russia
New Ricoh projectors are already available on the Russian market. All projectors are covered by a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

About Ricoh
Ricoh is a company specializing in office equipment, solutions for industrial printing, document management systems and IT services. Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh has offices in more than 200 countries. The company is known for high quality of manufactured devices, an exceptional level of services and initiatives to protect the environment. Over the past year, Ricoh has expanded its services nearly 2.5 times, and today the company's partners operate in 111 cities around the world.

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