Smuggled vodka under clothes -

Smuggled vodka under clothes

Smuggled vodka under clothes

Tourist with a "shahid belt" of Chinese vodka

At customs post MAPP Zabaikalsk customs officers detained a tourist with a "shahid belt" of Chinese vodka

In the course of customs control of hand luggage and luggage of passengers following the Gazel car through the customs post of MAPP Zabaikalsk from China to Russia, the attention of officials of the customs post was attracted by a tourist who unnaturally had a jacket inflated. The man heaved heavily, when unloading luggage.

The man answered the questions of customs officers about the presence of undeclared goods, goods concealed from customs control in his absence. At the same time, as officials of the customs post note, he was visibly nervous.

Further in the course of the survey and the request to unbutton the jacket, the Russian citizen voluntarily gave out the goods transported by him on the body.

An enterprising man moved a homemade vest made of plastic bags with a transparent liquid (presumably vodka) on a body under a jacket.

On the packages there are inscriptions with hieroglyphs, figures and letters of the Russian alphabet - "Vodka". All the packages, and they were found 24 pieces, were glued together with adhesive tape. The total volume of alcohol was 12 liters.

After discovering the hidden goods, the citizen of Russia explained that vodka was carrying a birthday and a wedding for his brother.

According to the current legislation, namely the Agreement of the EAEC dated June 18, 2010 (appendices No. 2, 3) for personal use citizens can import (export) alcohol without payment of customs duties (for 1 person over 18 years): - alcoholic beverages and beer up to 3 liters);
- from 3 to 5 liters inclusive and ethyl alcohol (up to 5 liters) - are imported with payment of customs payments, are subject to customs declaration;
- Import of ethyl alcohol and alcoholic products with a total volume of more than 5 liters is prohibited.

At present, the case of a Russian citizen has been brought against the administrative offense under Part 1 of Article 16.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation "Non-declaration according to the established form of goods".

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