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New from AeroCool

New from AeroCool

AeroCool Introduces Updated Cooling Systems

AeroCool Advanced Technologies (AAT), one of the world's leading manufacturers of enclosures, power supplies, accessories and peripherals for computers, presents updated cooling systems for personal computers - affordable and efficient processor coolers, cabinet fans and thermal grease with increased thermal conductivity and convenient application.

CPU cooling
Coolers AeroCool from the line Verkho designed to cool the mainstream segment processors - all new products have quiet fans with blades of a special shape, reducing aerodynamic noise and increasing airflow.

The Verkho i model has a convenient mount for quick mounting on the processor socket. And the updated design of the radiators allows more efficient use of air flow.

The Verkho Plus model with a universal mount and a large 120mm fan can cool the processors with TDP up to 90W. Thanks to the hydraulic bearing and speed control support, Verkho Plus runs very quietly and accelerates to high speed only in case of high CPU usage.

Verkho 4 Lite is a simplified version of one of the best air coolers AeroCool Verkho 4. The new tower cooler is built on four direct contact heat pipes, a relatively small aluminum radiator is cooled by one 90 mm fan with a blue LED light. Verkho 4 Lite will cool even high-performance processors with TDP up to 125 W.

The new thermal grease AeroCool BARAF-S 2g with high thermal conductivity> 5.15 W / (m∙K) will further increase the efficiency of the Verkho series coolers. The thermal paste has a high viscosity, and a spatula is supplied with the tube, so it is convenient to apply it to the heat dissipating cover of the processor. When using BARAF-S 2g, you do not have to worry about a short circuit: the thermal paste does not conduct current and is therefore absolutely safe.

Casing fans

For the organization of effective cooling of computers of any price segment in the arsenal AeroCool there are new case fans Motion 12 and Motion 8.

Model Motion 12 is a fan with a diameter of 120 mm with a curved impeller with an increased effective area. Motion 12 creates an airflow of up to 29.8 CFM with no noise at all (the maximum is only 22.1 dBA). This means that the fan is almost not heard in the running computer. To reduce possible vibrations, the Motion 12 fixing pads are equipped with silicone gaskets. For easy cleaning of the fan motor, the impeller is made quick-release.

Model Motion 8 has a removable 80-millimeter impeller, thanks to which the fan creates an airflow of up to 21.5 CFM. Motion 8 is suitable for cooling in the smallest form-factor Mini-ITX computers. In the Russian market, Verkho coolers, BARAF-S 2g thermal greases and Motion fans have already started. The recommended retail price for the AeroCool Verkho i model is 420 rubles, for AeroCool Verkho Plus - 490 rubles, and for Verkho 4 Lite - 1510 rubles. The recommended retail price of AeroCool Baraf-S 2g is 170 rubles, Motion 12 and Motion 8 fans are 300 and 130 rubles, respectively.

About AeroCool

AeroCool Advanced Technologies (AAT) was founded in 2001. At an early stage, the company's activity was devoted to technical research and innovations in the field of computer cooling to create full-fledged heat management systems in industrial and personal computers. Today, Aerocool is one of the market leaders in products for gamers and enthusiasts. The company offers a full line of products, including computer cases for gaming systems, power supplies, fans, mice, keyboards, audio headsets, multifunction controllers for fan control.

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