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GeIL Super Luce RGB Sync

GeIL Super Luce RGB Sync

You can control the backlight memory via ASUS AURA, GIGABYTE FUSION and MSI Mystic Light

GeIL (Golden Emperor International Ltd.), one of the leading manufacturers of peripherals and PC components, announces that the popular Super Luce RGB Sync series now fully supports the ASUS AURA application for backlight management. Users can easily synchronize the effects of backlighting the motherboard, LED strips and memory modules. Also Super Luce RGB Sync is compatible with GIGABYTE Fusion and MSI Mystic Light applications running on their respective motherboards.

"GeIL is one of the oldest manufacturers of computer components and peripherals. Therefore, we are doubly pleased to share the news about new features of Super Luce RGB Sync memory: using this platform, users will get those backlight management functions that they have long been lacking, "said Jennifer Huang, vice president of Geil International Sales and marketing.

GeIL Super Luce RGB Sync memory is suitable for working with Intel Core i7, i5 and i3 processors, as well as with AMD Ryzen processors on motherboards with AM4 socket. It is available in versions with a frequency of 2133 to 3200 MHz. Memory modules are stylish design with LED backlight, which supports several different effects and does not require the connection of an additional cable.

RGB illumination on GeIL memory modules is synchronized with the ASUS AURA software, so the user can select one of 12 effects: "static", "breathing", sequential color change, rainbow, wave, flash, comet "," Starry sky "and others. Each effect is easy to customize on your own.

The ASUS AURA application allows you to control the backlight on motherboards from other manufacturers. All you need is to download the software on the ASUS website. The Super Luce RGB Sync backlight settings can be changed even if there is no synchronization of light effects between the motherboard and the rest of the components, and the board itself does not have to be manufactured by ASUS.

Also GeIL Super Luce RGB Sync is compatible with GIGABYTE Fusion and MSI Mystic Light: with them, the user can adjust the same effects on the motherboard, memory modules, LED strips and other components (provided the latest BIOS management and backlighting versions are installed). GIGABYTE Fusion is supported on the chipsets X299, X399, Z370 and newer models, and MSI Mystic Light on the Z370 and higher.

If no additional cable is required to synchronize the Super Luce RGB Sync backlight, the other GeIL, EVO X memory, supports ASUS AURA when connected using a 4-pin connector. Backlight GeIL EVO X can be fully customized and synchronized with the motherboard, video card and other components: so the user will get an impressive, designed in a single style of gaming system.

More information about the Super Luce RGB Sync series with a list of models can be found at

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