BASF solutions were used in the construction of the Moscow metro -

BASF solutions were used in the construction of the Moscow metro

BASF solutions were used in the construction of the Moscow metro

New metro stations are built using innovative BASF materials.

March 22, 2018 Sergei Sobyanin, applauded residents of the north of Moscow inaugurated a new section of the Lublin line. Three stations of the Moscow subway - "Seligerskaya", "Upper Likhobory" and "Okruzhnaya" were put into operation. Operatively to complete the tunneling of the underground route, modern technologies for tunnel construction, including special compounds for injection of soil produced in Russia, that change its properties, have been made possible.

"The site provided access to the metro for 450,000 Muscovites. Saving time for daily trips around the city will be 30-40 minutes for them. The construction of most of the northern radius was carried out in the most complicated geological conditions at a depth of about 60 meters, "the Mayor of Moscow said at the opening ceremony.
To overcome the hydro-geological difficulties, experts of the construction and assembly department No. 1 and tunnel detachment No. 6, OAO Mosmetrostroy, used ground conditioners produced by BASF in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

"Having studied the situation directly at the site and having performed the necessary soil analyzes, we proposed to use the MasterRoc SLF 41 foam reagent and MasterRoc ACP 143. The first composition provides a reduction in torque on the TPC rotor and slows down the wear of the cutting tool, which positively affects the cost works. Speaking of an antiglina type polymer, this is the most advanced technology to date for effective and economical slaughtering in clay soils, "says Anton Rokotiansky, technical specialist at BASF, the world's leading producer of construction chemicals.
In addition, the drifters used the MasterRoc SLP 2 reagent - a stabilizing polymer for work in water-saturated clays, at high pressure, as well as unstable soils and the presence of fine sand. As Anton Rokotiansky notes, the technology used by Moscow metro builders is also actively used abroad. For example, MasterRoc SLF 41 and ACP 143 were used in the construction of the high-speed tunnel Sparva (Italy), famous for its record diameter: more than 15 meters.

In addition to ground conditioners, in the process of building tunnels of the Moscow metro, BASF greases developed for TPK were widely used. Thus, MasterRoc TSG 6 and 7 for tail seal brushes prevent the water, soil and cement slurry from entering the mechanism. The compositions BSG 11 and EPB 11 are necessary to protect and prolong the life of the main bearing - the most expensive element of the tunnel bushing.
To stop various water manifestations of the station complexes and cable collectors, the MasterCoc MP 355 Thix two-component polyurethane resin, MasterRoc MP 304 acrylate composition, MasterRoc MP 350 single-component elastic polyurethane composition and MasterRoc MP 650 microcrete were used. Thus, when constructing the tunnel of the access tunnel of the station "Upper Likhobory" "For preinjection polyurethane two-component resin MasterRoc MP 355 Thix, and for the construction of the cable manifold - micro-cement MasterRoc MP 650.
The northern radius of the Lublin line will provide quick access to metro for residents of Beskudnikovo and Degunino districts, for which the travel time around the city will be reduced by an average of 20 minutes. It should be noted that this is not the first launch in 2018. Just a month earlier, there were trains on the long-awaited first section of the Third transfer line between the metro stations Petrovsky Park and Delovoi Tsentr.

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