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Mistakes of PR people, who especially upset journalists

Mistakes of PR people, who especially upset journalists

Timur Aslanov, editor-in-chief of the journal "Press Service"

Professionalism PR man is not just to come up with a cool information opportunity or to organize a cool event for the press. But also in building relations with journalists in a way that would be pleasant and interesting to cooperate with. And then everything depends on a huge number of small things. But in general, the principle is one, as in any relationship: think about a partner. To look at the situation with his eyes and ask yourself the question: would I want to be treated this way? And to make it easier to start, I offer you a list of 15 mistakes that PR people most often make when communicating with media representatives. And these mistakes of journalists are particularly angry.
1. Format. You have not studied the format of the publication, its editorial policy and the target audience. And send in a business weekly a material about the tennis tournament among millers of shop number five of your plant. 2. Wrong pictures. You send in the online edition a heavy photo file in a printing license for a billboard. Or the other extreme: you sent a photo of your speaker to the glossy magazine, inserting the picture into a Wird file. 3. Signatures under the photo. You sent a photo, in which five or seven people did not bother to write who exactly is in the photo and who of them is who. 4. You send impersonal emails to the editorial office, without bothering to find out the name of the journalist you need. 5. You start a letter from afar, spending the journalist's time on idle chatter, and do not go straight to the point. 6. You ask for the approval of editorial material and you want to change the wording, which is an editorial text. 7. You insert in your commentary the advertising slogans of your company and then get angry that the journalist has deleted them and you want to remove the material from the publication. 8. You ask the journalist to send you a link to the material when it is published. Really? A monitor did not try? Or are you so saving on the secretary? And why do not you save time as a journalist? 9. You sent a release to the journalist and call every hour to find out whether he received it or not. Read or not. There is no time for a journalist. Do not disgrace him. 10. You sent a release, and it's interesting. But there were questions. And there are no contacts in the release. Or they are, but you can not get through to them. A deadline relentless. 11. You sent a letter with a press release, but from the subject of the letter it is unclear what he is. A letter of such a journalist a day for two hundred. 12. You sent the release in pdf format. You made it beautiful and very proud of it. But for some reason the journalist is not at all pleased. Guess why? 13. You are trying to shove under the guise of news purely promotional information. At the same time persuading, pressing, flattering or even threatening. Just understand that this is a setup. Even if the journalist succumbs to persuasion, this information will be deleted by the editor, and the journalist will get it round the neck. 14. Instead of answering the questions of a journalist, you send him a corporate booklet or a link to the site with the words: everything is written there. 15. You are asked to send all the information in the mail in the body of the letter, in one letter. And you send attached files, parts, on different days. And the journalist then wools his mailbox in search of all parts, trying not to lose one. No, I'm joking. He began to wool, then spat and cursed you.

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