Limo case -

Limo case

In Berlin, judged by a swindler, who tried to sell the stolen items of John Lennon.

Limo case

This acute story began twelve years ago, but only now, it seems, it can put an end to it. In Berlin, the trial began on a resident of Germany, who is accused of trying to sell a collection of personal belongings that belonged to the lead singer of the legendary Beatles group John Lennon. 59-year-old Erkhan G. was in the dock - in Germany it is not customary to disclose the names of participants in high-profile trials, whether they are victims or defendants. He was arrested a year ago on suspicion of misappropriation of stolen goods and collusion with the aim of fraud.
The objects in question were stolen in 2006 from Yoko Ono, the widow of the musician living in the USA, by her own security guard and limousine driver Coral Karsan. True, Mr. Karsan claimed that he had not stolen anything, but had brought valuables at the direction of Ono herself because of an approaching storm, after which he locked them in a safe in a house on Long Island, which he also informed his owner about. Subsequently, the former driver was convicted, but he managed to leave for Turkey, in the open spaces of which he disappeared without a trace — as, incidentally, was the things Lennon had taken out. More precisely, it was thought so until last year, when they unexpectedly surfaced in Germany.
The sensational discovery belonged to a certain Berlin lawyer, who conducted an inventory of the bankrupt auction house. Finding accounts of lots of dubious origin, he became suspicious and wrote a letter to the police asking them to investigate the situation. So the operatives came to Erkhan G., who was arrested in the "migrant" district of Kreuzberg. It turned out that in 2014 he sold the collection to auctioneers for 785 thousand euros. The house of the suspect was searched, during which more than a hundred objects were found, representing, according to German investigators, "of tremendous value to the history of music." Among them are the three diaries of John Lennon, including the record left by him on the last day of his life - December 8, 1980, when he was shot by fanatic Mark David Chapman, tape recording of the Beatles concert, musical notebook, glasses of the famous round - " Lennonovskoy "- form, so even with a prescription from a doctor, cigarette case, as well as letters, postcards. The total cost of the collection, documented in detail by the Berlin police, is estimated at 3.1 million euros.
Missing in the US collection surfaced ten years later in Germany

The personal belongings of all members of the Beatles are auctioned for astronomical money. In February 2017, a leather jacket, which was allegedly put on by Lennon, went under the hammer in England for more than 10,000 pounds sterling. By bitter irony of fate, a copy of the album Double Fantasy, signed by him to his future killer on the day of the tragedy, was sold for 530,000 pounds in 2011.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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