The turnover of FM Logistic in the segment of copacking grew by 12% -

The turnover of FM Logistic in the segment of copacking grew by 12%

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The turnover of FM Logistic in the segment of copacking grew by 12%

The company summed up the results of work in this direction for 2017

During the past year, FM Logistic's trade turnover in the segment of copying amounted to more than 950 million rubles. The company formed a trend - over the past 6 years, the annual growth in trade turnover was 10-15%, and over the past four years it has doubled. During the peak season (September-November), up to 1,500 people were involved in the kopakking operations daily.

Investments in automation for the year amounted to more than 70.5 million rubles. The newest equipment for packing and sticking products was purchased.

In 2017, more than ten new customers appeared, including external ones (they are not serviced in the company's warehouse, but they are delivered to FM Logistic products for copacking). Continued development and expansion of activities with regular customers of Royal Canin, Beiersdorf, GSK, Barilla, Kotanyi, Haribo, as well as Kimberly-Clark, Decathlon.

The year began with the fact that in January the Russification procedure was started at the customs warehouse in FM Dolgoprudny, which was equipped directly inside the platform.

Since June 2017, within the framework of the regional development strategy in Novosibirsk, a project for packing fruits and vegetables for the company Metro Cash & Carry was launched. This is the first such FM Logistic project in the "fresh" segment in the regions.

The project for packing dry food in packs of doy packs was launched in July 2017. Investments in it amounted to more than 700 thousand euros. Procurement of equipment, construction of "clean room", organization of production space in the shortest time was made. To implement the project, the FM Sidorovo platform, on which operations are performed, has received ISO 22000: 2005 certification. This is the first project for packaging open products, which opens up new prospects for FM Logistic.

The second half of the year was marked by increased volumes in a number of copacking activities: eight successful projects implemented for one of the largest manufacturers of household chemicals and personal care products; a project to assemble more than 1 million New Year's promonaborov for the company "May Food" on the platform of Dolgoprudny FM. Separately, it should be noted the launch of the project of the company "Seria Sistema" to assemble more than 6 million promonaborov, which will last until April 2018.

In 2018, the company plans to expand activities in the direction of copacking both on its own sites and on the sites of its customers. FM Logistic will optimize logistics costs, including purchasing innovative robots. The plans also include an increase in the number of sticking operations within the customs warehouse. In March, on the platform of Dolgoprudny FM, a new customs warehouse area of ​​800 square meters will be opened, which will expand the current 450 square meters.

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