The AsstrA group of companies began to introduce the principles of "lean production" -

The AsstrA group of companies began to introduce the principles of "lean production"

The international group of companies AsstrA began the implementation of Lean Management

The AsstrA group of companies began to introduce the principles of "lean production"

Thanks to the Lean Management concept, the AsstrA group of companies plans to bring the quality of customer service to a new level, optimizing business processes, as well as increasing employee engagement and satisfaction.

Since 2018, AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG introduces the principles of "lean production". The company adheres to the concept of Lean Management, aimed at improving the quality of the company's business processes, minimizing losses (unnecessary actions) and meeting customer expectations.

Employees of the company completed a basic course in which they familiarized themselves with the theory of culture and philosophy of Lean, and also studied the basic process optimization tools that were selected for use by AsstrA. Training was conducted using the Lean Game process. This format allows you to immediately test your Lean tools in practice in an easy and relaxed manner. Lean Game involves a large number of practical exercises based on business processes of logistics companies.

After the training, the most successful and involved employees help AsstrA Lean Manager in project management to improve the company's business processes.

Employees were trained to identify 7 types of possible losses that occur in the company's business processes. They already apply this knowledge in practice: they analyze the business processes in which they are involved, and then submit an application for the elimination of the losses that they have noticed in their work. The application is made through a special form, in which employees describe the identified unnecessary actions and determine the type for each loss, for example, overproduction, transportation, waiting, stocks, defects, overwork, unnecessary movements. In addition, they determine the process in which losses occur and can offer their solutions to eliminate them. Then the application is considered by the Lean-manager, who determines the further process of its processing.

At the end of 2019, AsstrA plans the next course, after which the most involved employees will be able to get the level of the “green belt”. This will allow them to run their own process optimization projects.

“The introduction of Lean Management is an action within the framework of the company's global strategy, in which both managers and ordinary employees participate,” says Maciej Tyburchi, Lean Manager of the AsstrA group of companies. “Thanks to Lean Management’s philosophy and tools, we want to further meet the expectations of our customers, improve the quality of services, develop business and increase employee satisfaction.”
Today AsstrA employs several “lean manufacturing” techniques. The group of companies pays special attention to the VOC (Voice of the Customer, consumer voice) method, which indicates that it is necessary to listen to the client very carefully, predict the result and, as a result, correctly realize his needs and objectives. In addition, a group of companies collects and analyzes customer feedback on the quality of work and the services provided. Feedback is collected through surveys, phone calls and one-on-one meetings.

The group of companies also practices the principle of JIT (Just-In-Time, just in time), which aims to ensure that processes and their products are implemented exactly on time. For example, AsstrA experts prepare documents for clients only when it is necessary, not earlier, not later, but just in time. This allows not to duplicate the work in case some information changes.

AsstrA also uses the SOP method (Standard Operating Procedure, standard operating procedure), due to which a number of processes are carried out faster, while guaranteeing a high quality of service. SOP is not only a list of individual customer requirements, but also a list of standard ways to fulfill them. Thus, on the one hand, the group of companies adapts to the needs of clients, and on the other hand, it offers a high standard of work and service. Instructions and individual customer expectations are stored in the system so that at the right time every employee can use them. The company's IT system automatically displays a set of rules for performing various tasks.

The concept of CRM (Customer Relationship Management, Customer Relationship Management System) is also an important tool for more efficient alignment of work with customers, suppliers and partners. CRM allows you to record the full history of contacts with customers and partners, in particular, information on all calls (date, time, phone number, topic and description of the conversation), as well as suggestions sent, results of surveys, customer calls, individual expectations of manufacturers, number of orders and etc. The specialists of the company have complete information, therefore at the moment of contact with the client, the employee has all the necessary information to conduct effective negotiations - briefly and only to the point, excluding repetition.

“We have just begun to develop Lean Management in AsstrA. However, despite the fact that this is a long process, we already see the first results of “lean production,” summarizes Maciej Tyburchi, Lean Manager AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG. - We have achieved a high involvement of employees in improving their processes - we receive more than 25 ideas to improve the work and processes of the company per month. In addition, we are creating a new tool for the exchange of information between AsstrA, carriers and customers in order to facilitate contact, circulation of information and exchange of documents. We also began to automate transportation quotes, which should speed up our work even more. ”

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