The XXI International Exhibition PIR EXPO has passed -

The XXI International Exhibition PIR EXPO has passed

This year was a record number of participants.

The XXI International Exhibition PIR EXPO has passed

In Moscow, from September 24 to September 27, the 21st International Exhibition PIR EXPO was held. It is one of the largest professional exhibitions in Russia and the CIS. This year the event was attended by a record number of participants, both in the number of exhibitors, speakers of the business program, and in the number of guests. Each year, the exhibition marked the flagship theme - in 2018 such a topic was “The Game”.

PIR EXPO in 2018 is: 46,800 square meters. m; 742 suppliers - a record number, including from Italy, Germany, China and Turkey; 290 experts; 256 events; 41,900 visitors from all over Russia.

"PIR" occupies a top place among the industry events, as it combines several formats at once: the exhibition part and the business program devoted to several areas at once. The exhibition featured 4 thematic zones: "Restaurant", "Hotel", "Coffee" and "Franchising". All directions were united by one flagship theme - “The Game”, as a logical continuation of the theme of last year “New Generation”.

Now the whole world turned to the new generation, and it causes an increased interest in business. Most industries are focused on it, and it is Y and Z that are gradually becoming key players in the market and this market seeks to find a common language with them. The game, as a form of communication, is understandable to young people and is one of the most effective formats for perceiving information in the modern world.

“Due to such trends, the hospitality industry is introducing various models of gamification and adapting to new realities. We tried to reflect this in our business program and made it as interactive as possible, ”says Elena Merkulova, co-founder of PIR Expo.
Within the framework of the exhibition, a large-scale business and educational program was organized with conferences, seminars, master classes and presentations of new products, tastings, competitions of cooks, confectioners, service specialists and many others. The owners of large companies, government officials, leading analysts and specialists answered the most pressing questions that the hospitality industry is facing today.

Thus, the Moscow qualifying stage of the Russian Barista Championship 2019, a key competition in the coffee industry, was held at the PIR-COFFEE site. This is a significant competition, as the finalist is sent to the 2019 World Barista Championship in Boston (USA).
This year, there is a significant increase in the players of the coffee market and among the exhibitors, it has grown by about 40%. In addition to coffee shops, there was a large number of Russian obzharschikov from all over Russia.

Speakers at the coffee show included such speakers as Matt Perger, founder of the Barista Hustle portal and Eversys brand ambassador, Henry Wilson, founder and CEO of Perfect Daily Grind, Andy Benedikter, Cropster sales manager, Michael Pakin, president of Diedrich Roasters.
For hoteliers, this year was also extremely intense, as the largest international event took place in our country - the 2018 World Cup, which had a serious impact on the entire industry. It was a very strong and positive emotional impulse for the industry. According to experts, the positive image that was able to show and the experience that was accumulated during the world championship will be an incentive for further development. The “Conference“ Hotels of Russia - life before, during and after the World Championship ”was devoted specifically to this topic at the PIR-HOTEL site. Representatives of the authorities, professional associations and hoteliers discussed the main problems and achievements of the industry, which revealed the World Cup, brought up-to-date statistics and raised the most important question: “What to do with the post-championship legacy?”
On the second day of the exhibition, the landmark event of the metropolitan hospitality industry, the Business Forum of the Moscow Hotel Complex, was held. The forum raised the main problems of the industry. Both events were held at the PIR-HOTEL central site. The whole business program of the hotel exhibition included 5 sites: Winner's Club, Profit Training Center, MANAGEMENT Training Center, Ready Solutions, Housekeeping.

Experts of the sessions were: Igor Bukharov - President of the Federal Reserve, Vadim Prasov - Vice-President of the Federal Reserve, Alexey Tikhnenko - Head of the Hotel Management Department of the Sports and Tourism Department of the City of Moscow, Alexei Khudoborodov (Rospotrebnadzor), Kaliningrad Region Minister of Tourism, Igor Fomin Federation Council), Sergey Danilik - President of the Club of Hoteliers, Yekaterinburg, Lana Klyueva (MATCH Accommodation), Anna Kosareva (Cosmos Group), Tatiana Weller (Jll), Vladimir Poddubko (AO AD Corporation) and others.
The most relevant and practical business practices and master classes were held at the educational sites of the PIR-RESTAURANT. The events were divided into sections, the names of which spoke for themselves and reflected the trend of how innovations and technologies intertwine with the traditional approach: “Gastrolaboratoriya”, “Interactive. Business "," Managing. Playing by the rules and without ”,“ Pizza Territory ”,“ Chef. Team game "," Restaurator. What's next?".

Visitors to the Territory of Ideas spoke to: Simon Taylor - Director of International Restaurant Development at Condé Nast, Boris Zarkov (White Rabbit Family), Vladimir Perelman (I Like Wine, etc.), Anna Tsfasman (Doublebi), Anton Lyalin (Torro Grill) and a lot others.
Much attention was paid to gastrotrendam, in particular Italian and Japanese cuisine. Exotic pizza combined with traditional Italian is becoming increasingly popular. In the west, they are successfully interfering with their Italian cuisine, serving pizza with tartar, pomegranate treacle, shakshuku and frik. This fashion is gradually gaining momentum in our country, so the Italian exposition was presented at the exhibition and the Russian Pizza Championship was held, where the best pizza makers competed with each other. In addition, a special training program on Japanese cuisine was prepared, as its renaissance is observed on the market and there is a great demand for master classes in working with sushi and raw fish from chefs.

Master classes for cooks were conducted: Anton Kovalkov (Beluga), Rustam Tangirov (“Smoked bar” and “Teriberka bar”), Andrei Shmakov (Savva), Regis Trigel (Sixty), Taras Kiriyenko (Touche`) and others.
PIR-FRANCHISE gathered the most important and interesting things so that market participants could get acquainted with the best franchise models and find the best offers for themselves.
“According to the results of the exhibition, we see what interest is the hospitality industry. This is noticeable by the number of participants, especially in the coffee zone, and suggests that the market as a whole is growing in this segment. There is a very high demand for a business program, since the training and experience of existing market players is incredibly in demand. People want to learn, develop and do something new, which means we are moving in the right direction, and our product is in demand, ”says Elena Merkulova.
The next PIR Expo will be held on October 7-10. Ahead of the international training forum for chefs "Breakfast Chef", which will be held in Moscow on June 18-20. Instagram: @pirexpo

PIR-HOTEL: Department of Sports and Tourism, FRiO, Frontdesk, First Club of Hospitality Professionals, AERECO, VEIRO PROFESSIONAL, ELITE MONOPOLY, ATBE, Best Events NOVOFLOR, TARASA DUDAR CENTER.

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